I Don’t Want a Stackable Washer & Dryer in My Small Home

Here at Cozy, we recently received a great email praising our floor plans and concepts proclaiming, “Somebody finally got it, a small home is NOT 1500 sq. ft.”

Not being my first rodeo, I waited for the shoe to drop… It did!

She continued by making the observation about my “almost” exclusive use of a stackable Washer & Dryers in all the designs was questionable. “Why didn’t I use more traditional side by side ones more often?”

I gladly thanked her for the email and gave her my reasoning behind this. Micro, Tiny and Cozy houses are all under 1000 sq ft and most under 500 sq ft, so compromises definitely need to be made. During the design process when the layout of a new cozy home is coming together, something that can be accomplished in 9 instead of 18 sq. ft. just makes sense to me. It’s that simple…

The W/D is #5 on the “6 Essentials” list. Having spent several years without one, I became very appreciative of having one close by. It wasn’t necessarily about the in-convenience and additional expense of the Laundromat, it was more of a time thing. I just felt for me, those hours could be better spent doing something else.

It’s impossible to please all the people, even most of the time… We love to try though, especially when these exchanges spark a new design.

cozyhomeplans.com 452 sq ft Small House "Dew Drop's" Floor Plan View

452 sq ft Small House “Dew Drop’s” Floor Plan View









The Dew Drop’s small house floor plan concept was inspired by this exchange and we introduced it in Flickr last week for the world to contemplate. A blog post is coming soon talking about all it’s great attributes and the use of a standard washer & dryer.

Cozy Home Plans is all about Living Large in a Cozy Home, regardless of your taste in W/D‘s

Thanks for your all your ideas and input, it really does help us create the most completely functional small houses for everyone to enjoy. Contact us anytime!

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

In the interest of “full disclosure” though, I currently have a Fisher Paykel regular washer and dryer in storage in Colorado. Their by far the best W/D I have ever used and they do an amazing job of cleaning clothes. Definitely by the extended warranty though but that’s another story. Currently, they do not offer a stackable unit so this will obviously dictate my own future tiny house if I want to keep them.


8 Responses to I Don’t Want a Stackable Washer & Dryer in My Small Home

  • Just having them in the home makes since to me. Hate the wasted time at the automats.
    New models had a lot more cloths now than the older one’s

  • I like the Dew Drop very much, still small but layed out nice. Love window in bathroom

  • I like it too! This layout would be a nice little du-plex also.

  • The new front load ones are perfect for a stackable situation. With time spent in both Texas and Oklahoma laundromats, I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for the comment!

  • I bet you get a lot of crazy emails. Anyway, I prefer the stackables myself, but that’s just my opinion. I love how you always answer your emails so cleverly. LOL

  • I love the whole flow of this house, and I completely agree. I was recently looking at condos with my husband and was shocked to see that there was NO w/d in the place. Stackable or not, one is surely necessary. Most european apartments have the stackable right in the bathroom or under a counter top. Front load w/d dryer are better on clothes and more water efficient always!

  • Thanks Jessie! It helps not having a life and a slight case of “OCD” when it comes to Cozy Home Plans. I love the crazy emails, they make me think even further outside that box than normal. Keep-em coming!

  • Thanks for the input Kim! Couldn’t agree more about their being an essential. It takes living without one for just a short period of time to realize that. We like the front load ones her at cozy too! I’m thinking that this plan will be one of our most popular in the future.

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