Washer and Dryer Combos for Tiny Houses

Number 5 of the “6 Must Haves” is enough space for a washer and dryer. While most of the Cozy Home Plans have room for a stackable washer and dryer, a combo washer and dryer is also another choice for washing your clothes. A washer dryer combo is a single cabinet that contains the mechanics and a single drum that both washes and dries your clothes during one load.


There are two types of combo units: vented and ventless. The vented unit works like a regular washer and dryer in that when the clothes are done washing, the unit takes in air from the surrounding room and heats it up. The unit then spins and dries the clothes and vents the moist air out of the building. The ventless unit instead uses a condensing chamber which is cooled while the air inside the dryer drum is heated. When the drum spins, the heated air take away the moisture from the clothes and the moist air is then circulated through the cooled condensing chamber.

Several benefits of a combo unit are that they are small enough to fit into a small or tiny house, usually in a closet or under a counter top or even in a bathroom. They are also small enough to be portable and run off a line from a sink or shower. Washer dryer combo units are usually front loaders which does save water. These types of washer dryer combos have been used in Europe and Asia for decades and are popular in more urban dense areas. It does take longer to dry clothes in this type of washer (usually around 2 hours), but there is no need to worry about lint or the danger of lint and electricity fires.

However, these type of washers are not cheap. The average new combo unit will cost around $1,200 with the least expensive around $700. They used to be difficult to purchase, but now big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy and even Amazon sells them.

We have been utilizing them more and more in our Micro and Tiny house designs here at Cozy. They just seem to make perfect since when you can have 9 sq. ft. of floor space do more than one thing. The Innuendo, Water and Sprinkle Drop were some of the first to have them included. Washer-Dryer’s are always optional but we like to have all our floor plan designs be self sufficient and options for full time living.


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