The Two Story Small House Floor Plan “Sand Castle”

While recently perusing some of my older floor plans in Flickr, I discovered a slight oversight in one. The 560 sq ft Sand Castle was missing #5 on my must haves list. The washer/dryer was not included for some unknown reason. My first reaction was to place it by the bedroom for convenience but remembering a recent post about offering more side by side choices, I decided to place them in the downstairs ½ bath.

Doing a “virtual” remodel with a few clicks of the mouse in plan-3D “my favorite program” & viola! It’s now complete and ready for all the world to critique. I wish real remodeling was so easy, didn’t even need one Band-Aid or ibuprofen, which I have affectionately named “move free” for this entire project. 560 sq ft Small House "Sand Castle" 3D Outside View

560 sq ft Small House “Sand Castle” 3D Outside View 560 sq ft Small House "Sand Castle" 3D Backside View

560 sq ft Small House “Sand Castle” 3D Back Porch View









The “6 Must Haves” should explain how unique and comfortable this Cozy home design would be to live in either full or part-time.

#1 This very open “Lshaped Galley Kitchen is truly gourmet. It includes 12 cabinets, space for a dishwasher and room for not one but three storage pantry cabinets and lots of countertop area for food prep.

#2 The bedroom has room for a Queen Size mattress with access from both sides, ¾ bath, home office desk are, ample storage for two and a private romantic balcony just perfect for late night stargazing.

#3 The first floor as a ½ Bath and upstairs has a ¾. Adding a standard 5’ tub would not be any trouble so please feel free to contact us if this plan would be even better with one.

#4 Storage areas are primarily in the Kitchen and Bedroom.

#5 Room for the Washer/Dryer is now in the downstairs powder room making moving them in and setting them up much easier than upstairs.

#6 The first floor Space is all about combining comfort and a great layout. With a door off the Kitchen, plus and a sliding French door in the Gathering room, your just steps away from the backyard for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors.

CHP is all about Living Large in a Cozy Home!

Our goal at Cozy Home Plans is to offer the most choices for simple vacation getaways; tiny houses, writer’s retreats, rustic hunting lodges, small country villas, micro studios or the perfect full time cottage… and all under 1000 sq. ft.


This plan also has a similar single story version called the Story Brooke that’s 416 sq ft if you’re not a big stair fan.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

4 Responses to The Two Story Small House Floor Plan “Sand Castle”

  • I love the L shaped open galley kitchens. My friend has one and it goes great with her home.

  • They look stanning and ever so Cozy, i also prefer washer/dryer downstairs, the layout works works well,slidding door to the backyard where you can just watch kids playing outside, and a great place to entertain and upstairs, where can i start 3D outside view! is just the Bliss, i can imagine first thing in the morning, to look outside views and have your cup of coffee in that cozy balcony, man what else could one want.

  • Thanks for your comment Henry! Being open definitely helps with the galley design because the closed ones tend to be best with only one cook.

  • This 2 story design certainly has some great features for less than 600 sq ft. I’m sure the architect will add a few feet to it when it eventually becomes a stock Cozy floor plan though. Thanks for the comment!

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