Tips on hanging a tiny house door

How to hang a tiny house pre-hung door… when it’s only me, myself and I.

The first thing is to make sure to remember to make sure the RO “rough opening” is at least 2” wider than the proposed door size and 1” taller or typically 82” tall for the standard doors. For example, a 28” door into a bathroom needs to have 30” of RO. This allows for the door jam and any variances in the door framing material. Warped stud etc…

#1. Remove the door from the door frame. Now you have easy access to both sides for leveling and securing.

Tip #1… It’s a good idea to shim up the bottom of the door frame ¼” – ½” on both sides. This helps guarantee plenty of bottom door clearance after flooring is installed. This also gives a great place to tuck the carpet under for a neat finished look assuming that your choosing carpet.

They sell special saws for perfectly trimming the bottom for wood, tile, engineered etc…












#2. Check often to make sure the door is plumb and secure the hinge side first. When installing larger or heaver solid wood doors you should place shims directly behind the hinges and replace one of the short screws with a 2” or longer screw. This guarantees a good solid hold and will help eliminate future sagging.

Tip #2… With stock pre-hung entry doors, it’s best to replace two or more screws with longer ones on the hinge side and strike plates on the locking side to increase security.












#3 At this point with the hinge side securely attached, re-install the door back on the frame. The top and other side of the frame can now be installed. This technique makes getting the perfect gap between the door and the frame very easy to gauge and then secure.












#4 Getting ready for trim is easy if you mark the desired reveal first on the top, then you can easily mark the bottom of the 45° cut without measuring. Sorry, the top one will require a measuring tape and usually some painters caulking/ liquid carpenter to look perfect.












These same principal can apply to all doors, from 18” hollow core, 36” solid entry ones and even French doors. By first removing the door and just working with the frame, it makes the job very easy, especially if you’re short an extra pair of hands or a control freak and nobody wants to work with you.  ;-)

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

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