Tiny House Cake and a Garage to Eat It In

We did post a while back about Cozy Homes with garages. At that time we only had 50 small house floor plans and concepts in Flickr, so I thought it would be good time to update you since now we have 110 to choose from.

Some of our larger designs could easily accommodate a garage now. As stated before, I have always felt that even a small one car garage that’s 12’ x 22’ (264 sq. ft.) attached to one of our plans under 500 sq. ft. might look a little silly. This 12’ x 22’ is the “minimum size” you would want for a one car garage. The 12’ width allows for side door opening and the 22’ depth gives mobility around the front and back of the vehicle. Garages also provide that all too important additional storage space, just like closets.

A good solution for most cozy homes is what we rendered for the Star Gazer, a separated garage that doesn’t overpower the core structure. You can still maintain the look and feel of a cozy home and have a place to park your car under cover. There are some Pros and Cons to having a detached garage like weather, economics and safety being a few. In the right situation, it’s still a perfect solution to have your cake and eat it too.

cozyhomeplans.com 612 sq ft Small House Floor Plan "Star Gazer" 3D Outside View

612 sq ft Small House Floor Plan “Star Gazer”









We still have the 70’s and Top Hat coach house designs but we have diversified a bit with…

The Water Drop at 296 sq. ft. with its carport rendering would fit in almost any backyard.

The Inspiration Point and Mittens in its yellow splendor are perfect Granny Flats.

Our Stone Pebble, Gypsy Rose and the Concerto are all about perfect homes under 1000 sq ft for small families.

We’ve also added a garage to the Knobby Crest, Slide Mountain and the Sawtooth Mountain for a client to consider.

cozyhomeplans.com 643 sq ft small house floor plan "Slide Mountain" 3D Outside View with Garage

643 sq ft small house floor plan “Slide Mountain”








We always keep in the back of our mind about the square foot minimums required by most municipalities. In order to both introduce a new paradigm of tiny houses and comply with these requirements, several of these designs have been specifically conceived to be duplexes or paired homes.


Cozy Home Plans,  Kevin B Harrington

2 Responses to Tiny House Cake and a Garage to Eat It In

  • I am so blown away by your site that I just had to post and tell you how great of a site you have. The floor plans, tips, and decorating ideas are so unique. I love them.. :-)

  • Thanks Bella! We try really hard to make people think “what if” when it comes to tiny house living or even downsizing into a Cozy home. Providing choices that you wont find anywhere else is what cozy is all about!

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