Japanese Soaking Tubs for a Tiny House

If you are looking at purchasing or building a Cozy Home Plan and want to save space in your bathroom, look into getting a Japanese soaking tub. These luxurious, little tubs have been used in Japan for centuries and not only get you clean, but can add style and a little bit of hedonism to a basic bathroom. When I was in Japan a few years ago, every day I relished in my daily bath on an outdoor deck, and found out that Japanese people make it a daily ritual. Traditionally, Japanese clean themselves first with a shower and then soak in a small “ofuro” or a small, deep tub full of clean, hot water that is emptied once a day. These tubs are about 22-24 inches deep, half the size of a regular tub, and have small chairs or built-in seats for ultimate relaxation.


Japanese ofuro come in several different materials, sizes and shapes. They can be circular, rectangular or oblong. They can be made of wood, acrylic, composite, metal or even copper and they can fit from one to two people to an entire family. Some modern Japanese tubs include jets like a hot tub, but they are not necessary. A handmade wooden tub can cost you between $900 and $1,200. There are even some available on Etsy. You can purchase a round or unique shaped tub from Signature Hardware for around $2,000 or create your own out of concrete.


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