Tiny house Electrical

Outlet short in the Condo…

Usually when trying to make the faceplates line up perfectly with the outlets, it is necessary to pry and twist on them just a tad bit… “Tad” is carpentry speak for slightly.

This is typically not a problem if one follows a few rules.

#1 Turn OFF circuit breaker.

#2  Use a non metallic prying instrument.

#3 Take the outlet out of the box by removing two screws and see what the problem was in the first place.

None of these were done and the result was a shocking experience for the homeowner. No harm done and I’m sure that she didn’t need all those layers of skin on her fingers anyway.












It was a quick fix with a new outlet, plus a good chance to point out a few things, again. See electrical tips…












Hopefully you noticed the black tape on the blue wire?

The black tape lets the next person know that the blue is HOT.

Electrical tape completely around the contacts?

A few wraps around the complete outlet helps hold the connections secure and aids in separating the HOT wires from the metal box.

NO ground?

The ground was actually not even in the box! Didn’t catch that myself till I was putting it back in and Yes I added one, even though the metal studs and boxes may have not required it when the condo was first built.


 There may be a pop quiz in the future!  BTW

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington



2 Responses to Tiny house Electrical

  • Why was the hot wire blue in the first place?

  • Great question SD,all of the wiring in the condo was ran/fished through metal conduit. Not being and electrician, the exact reasoning is still unclear to me but it is something that I will look into.

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