The Tiny 4-2 (280 sq. ft.) Small House Floor Plan

Cozy Home Plans recently received a great question in our inbox. How could two people get ready for work in a tiny house, at the same time?

The Tiny 4-2 was inspired by answering this wonderful question. Keep-em coming! 280 sq ft Floor Plan "Tiny 4-2" 3D Outside View

“Tiny 4-2″ 3D Outside View 280 sq ft Floor Plan "Tiny 4-2" 2D Floor Plan View

280 sq ft “Tiny 4-2″ Floor Plan View








First, the design had to be based on my already established criteria for a small home.

#1 Cozy’s idea for a Tiny House is between 2-300 sq. ft.

This was my answer, the Tiny 4-2 is 280 so it’s under 300 sq. ft.


#2 Our “6 Floor Plan Essentials”.

Kitchen, larger Bed, decent Bath, ample Storage, Washer/Dryer and some Space

The eat-in Kitchen has 8 cabinets plus a 21” pantry, full size convection microwave and a 20” apartment size stove for cooking complete meals.

Space for a Queen Size wall bed for two. By choosing a wall bed that flips up out of the way we also create a more open gathering room when it’s not in use.

The ¾ Bath is divided in two separate rooms. One room contains a 48” shower and sink. The second has a toilet and enough room for a small corner sink accomplishing our goal of two people getting ready simultaneously.

Having enough Storage for two “hopefully” is accomplished with 5’ of built in shifarobe style cabinetry with additional storage above the W/D.

The stackable Washer and Dryer in the hall also makes this a completely self-sufficient tiny house. If it’s not needed, an additional 2’-3” of storage space would be available.

Extra Room could obviously be accomplished by adding a foot here and there but it does have a small home office area!


#3 Not a big “loft” bed fan, so a Bed on ground floor would be ideal.



#4 Needs to be cool and different.

I’ll let you be the judge if I accomplished that, but it’s certainly got some unique aspects for a Tiny House.


The Tiny 4-2 would make a great addition to any backyard needing the perfect casita, granny flat or guest house and it’s also good design for potential rental income too.

Regardless of what your needs are in a small home, we may have the perfect solution for you. We can also work from your very own sketch for designing your own Cozy Dream Home. Please contact us anytime with comments questions or concerns. Who knows, your email may inspire a new Cozy Home too!

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4 Responses to The Tiny 4-2 (280 sq. ft.) Small House Floor Plan

  • One word: AMAZING.. I love this floor plan, it’s so cozy. I really do think that two people could get ready in this house.

  • Thanks Jackie! Cozy is all about realistic choices for people to live the tiny lifestyle with minimal sacrifice. This and other plans have been inspired by a simple question or comment.

  • i have been looking at tiny house layouts for a long time now. i do believe that this one might actually work for two people. have you built one yet.

  • Hey Billy! As of yet, this plan is still a concept and destined to be on the stack for quite sometime. If and when it ever gets built, I will be posting pictures of it. Glad you liked it though!

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