The Best Windows for a Cozy Home

When you’re building your Cozy Home you will have to give some thought to the types of windows that will work best in a smaller space. The windows of a tiny home not only need to let in light and fresh air, but they need to be easy to open during a fire or other emergency, and they will also need to be solid enough for strong storms, winds and potential theft.

One of the best ways to make a smaller space seem bigger is with large windows that bring the outdoors in. Windows like this come in all styles including bay windows, skylights and French doors. Most modern windows will have high R-ratings, low-E ratings with argon gas fill and can be easily installed. Awning windows that open at the bottom will also allow you to open a window during a rainstorm without getting the inside of the house wet.

Single casement or single/double hung windows would also be a good choice to use as an escape route during a house fire. Tempered glass windows are also easier to break safely through if necessary. These types of windows would be best hung in a bedroom.


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  • Can tempered glass be used in other places?

  • Absolutely! Beds, Baths Kitchens etc… It cost more, but if you ever anticipate the need to safely get through it in the future… then it is certainly worth it.

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