We “Also” Love Teeny Tiny Micro House Floor Plans

We have recently gotten back in touch with our tiny house roots here at Cozy. I’ve been dusting off a few concepts that were more of an exercise in” micro existing” housing, than functional small home living. Thought it would be fun to share some with you. Cozy Home Plans strives to make each and every plan full time livable.. Our “6 Floor Plan Essentials” that we also call our “Must Haves” are included in almost each and every floor plan.

It’s especially fun to squeeze them into the floor plans under 250 sq. ft. The ones under 500 sq. ft. are fun too!

#1 Functional Kitchen…

One that allows for food prep and more than one chef at a time.

#2 Room for a Queen Size bed…

A Bed with actual headroom on both sides of the bed, not just in the middle of it.

#3 Larger Bath with standard size Tub or 48” shower.

For those of us who need some space to shave our legs.

#4 Ample extra “stuff” Storage…

One of the many things that turn a house into a home in my opinion is having extra storage areas to hold “sentimental” stuff.

#5 Washer & Dryer…

It’s just not on my schedule to spend time at the Laundromat.

#6 Room for friends and family…

People that love us usually don’t care, even if we live in a tent, but I personally enjoy entertaining, that’s why this one is important to me.

We have recently added a few floor plan concepts that “DON’T” actually meet all these criteria in Flickr. Please feel free to check them out, either for your viewing pleasure or a great reason to roll your eyes and chuckle a bit.

The “Limbo Rock” 64 sq. ft. that would make a sardine happy.

The “Bird House” 128 sq. ft. actually it is less than that because you don’t technically count the stairs twice. But that’s splitting the 4 hairs.








The “Sprinkle Drop” is 196 sq. ft. of that’s pretty cool! Why didn’t I think of this one sooner?








The “Water Drop” is the 296 sq. ft. larger version of the “sprinkle” with tons of storage, carport and a wall Bed & two doors… Check it out!









These tiny house floor plans would still make a great writers retreat, kid’s playhouse or the coolest micro guest house. All Cozy’s Tiny, alternative and small houses are still conceived with my 6 Must Haves. Sorry! I just can’t help it, they all need to be something that I would consider living in first, before you ever get to see them.


We are proud to offer realistic & unusual choices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

2 Responses to We “Also” Love Teeny Tiny Micro House Floor Plans

  • The water drop looks complicated to build. Are all the angles expensive?

  • Great question SD! I’m certainly not a foundation expert but I would have to say that “yes” it would cost a little more than your typical square box shaped foundation job. The rest would be fairly traditional construction. Being smaller and a little more complicated will still be offset by the fact that it’s less than 300 sq. ft. though. Getting multiple bids will ensure that you get a fair price too.

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