Tankless Water Heater Located in a Wall Cavity

The blog, Backyard Home Pros, recently posted an article about the Noritz Tankless water heater that saves room by fitting snuggly into the exterior wall studs of your  tiny or small home. Most tank water heaters can take up approximately 8-10 square feet of space and even a regular tankless water heater needs space for accessibility and will usually be installed on the outside of a home, which on a small home, is less than pretty.


The Noritz Tankless water heaters are eco-friendly and energy efficient and can provide up to 40 percent in utility cost savings. The water heaters come in several different sizes and models including the NRC83 with a maximum of 157,000 btuh and weighs about 60 lbs. One of their smallest water heaters is the indoor/outdoor NR50 which has a maximum of 120,000 btuh and only weighs 33 lbs. Each of the water heaters come with a tiny enclosure that protects the studs, insulation and the interior walls from leaking and damage. A small cover or door can be placed over the unit for access from the outside. The one disadvantage I see is that insulation cannot be added in front or behind the unit.


According to Noritz, a tankless water heater also reduces carbon emissions. If every U.S. household installed a tankless water heater, it would equate to the CO2 savings of taking about 6.7 million cars off the nation’s roads. In addition, Noritz instant hot water units last up to twice as long as traditional water tanks and use recycled components and replaceable parts which keeps older water heaters out of landfills.

All of our micro, tiny and small home designs anticipate using both a tankless water heater and a mini-split ductless heating and cooling system. Space saving and efficiency go hand in hand here at Cozy Home Plans.

Photos by Backyard Home Pros and Noritz

By Christina Nellemann for [Cozy Home Plans]

4 Responses to Tankless Water Heater Located in a Wall Cavity

  • I definitely like this idea and I hear these also save money on your electric bill but are they really expensive?

  • Well thought out idea, i live in a two bedroom flat and we have this BIG cupboard in our kitchen taking up most space for our table. Its nice to see plans like this, that are well planned for customers. It looks smart and slim, and you provide so much information on how much a customer will save just by having tankless water heater.
    great tips too
    Love your work

  • Thanks Eugenia!
    We definitely try to work out all the kinks in in our small home plan designs during the design stage. I have decades of experience as a carpenter, real estate agent, tiny house enthusiast and just being a fan of architectural spaces. Tankless water heaters just make so much sense to me, especially in small spaces. The fact that there so much more efficient than a traditional hot water heater is a BONUS!

  • I do believe that their initial cost is more than an “old fashioned” tank one. The benefits in my opinion far outweigh between the initial spread between the prices though. It will more than pay for itself in future efficiency and don’t forget that you get “Green” bragging rights included with it!

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