Small Ponds for Your Cozy Home Garden

Even though it is still snowing parts of the country, this is actually a good time to get a head start on your tiny garden for your Cozy Home. We did a post last year about small vegetable gardens for your small home…so how about adding a water feature to your garden with a small pond or fountain? Many cultures add water features to their gardens to represent peace and balance. In Japanese culture, water represents serenity in nature and in Islam, the word paradise means an enclosed garden with the sound of water. Water not only brings peace to your green space, but it also attracts helpful wildlife like birds, frogs and dragonflies.


Because your Cozy garden is small, your pond or fountain should be too. This saves you time and money up front and care and maintenance later on. You can get a huge range of ideas for garden water features from Pinterest. There are several different types of ponds and fountains that you can build yourself for around $200 in supplies.



Pre-formed Pond

You can purchase a pre-formed pond liner from any home improvement store for around $30-$75. To install, all you need is an area large enough to dig a hole for your pond, a shovel and a level and some sand to set the liner. Flagstone, flat rocks and other plants can be put around the pond once it’s installed and filled with water. A fountain or spitter and some water plants can also be added to aerate the water. Here is a great video by Patti Moreno on how to install a pre-formed pond in a small space.



Vinyl or Rubber Pond

Vinyl ponds give you a little more leeway as to the shape and size of your pond. High quality vinyl is laid inside and over the lip of your pre-dugged hole and held down with rocks, soil and other landscape materials. You can add pond pebbles and rocks to the bottom as well as fish and plants. Vinyl is more expensive (around $90 for a 10×10 foot liner) and is prone to damage from rocks and roots.


Patio fountain

If you want to keep it even more simple, just add a small pot or container fountain to your Cozy Home patio or deck. These can be made with various pots and fountains can be purchased in a garden store or online for around $20. If the pot is large enough, fish and plants can also be added.


Photos by chiotsrun, brevort and jrconlin


6 Responses to Small Ponds for Your Cozy Home Garden

  • With new ponds and water gardens, they typically go through a period of cycling where the water appears cloudy / greenish. You can speed this up by initially starting off with a large mix of aquatic plants including submerged, bog / marginal, floaters and water lilies.

  • Thanks for the input Lorenzo! I know ponds are not as simple as they look, but well worth it because of the pleasure and peacefulness they bring.

  • Thanks Lorenzo. I’m going to be putting a small pond into in my yard this year and I need to study up more on different water plants.

  • I also like ponds, thinking about one for my yard too.
    The pictures are great.

  • Thanks for the how-to. Guess what my son will be doing this weekend? :-D

  • Good for you Trish! My mom has always had coy ponds, there definitely worth the work. Enjoy!

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