Small House Floor Plans

The Third floor plan option of the “El Capitan” makes it out of the stack and into the next phase of development.










This “Gourmet Kitchen” lay out has a few new and distinct changes from the original “Pool House” version.

#1 A separated bedroom and sitting area “behind actual walls”.

#2 Private access from the Bedroom to the comfortable ¾ Bath.

#3 A complete Kitchen that might even make Julia Child happy… with 10 cabinets including a food storage pantry, room for a full size refrigerator, a flip-up counter for laundry or additional food prep and two windows.

#4 Worth noting all by itself is the 18” compact dishwasher that is a rare sight in the smaller Cozy Homes.

Still!!! All this in 307 sq ft with 6” walls.

Also available is the “Gourmet Kitchen” with full bath, it’s a little bit different but still has all the great cozy features.

Here is a OPEN version with a “Murphy style”  bed…










The writers retreat or “Studio” Version… The smaller kitchenette is the only sacrifice from my “6 floor Plan essentials”. This perfect little multi-purpose layout severs for a creative retreat and a fully equipped guest house when needed.









Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

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