Small Home Floor Plans with Porches

There’s just something about a porch that makes a home. It not only offers homeowners and guests a welcoming area to come in out of the weather, but it adds detail and additional outdoor space to any size home. Traditionally porches have been used as a place of social interaction among neighbors and a neutral, safe area between a home and a street. In addition, a porch adds value to a home as well as curb appeal. An addition of a porch to a home is also much less expensive than building on an another room.

small home floor plans

Nearly every one of the Cozy Home plans include an option for a porch: the Thimble Peak II includes a porch that takes up the full length of the home, the Mount Kiska’s large porch is a great entry way into the main living space and the Sawtooth Mountain’s porch uses a corner of the house for additional weather and wind protection.

The best type of porch enhances the architectural design of a home and allows space for lounging, dining, protection from the sun and rain and as a possible storage space for outdoor furniture and other seasonal items. To add to the outdoor living aspect of a porch, be sure to install electrical plugs, lighting and include space for a grill or BBQ.

There are several different types of porches and each one will work better with a certain style of home:

Wraparound porches usually cover all four sides of a home, but they can also cover only three. These types of porches are handy in locations where there are four distinct seasons or the summers are very hot. Wraparound porches create shade on all sides of the home, regardless of where the sun is during the year.

Porticos are usually smaller and cover just the main entrance to a home. They are usually accessed by several stairs.

Screened and sleeping porches are used primarily in the summer and in southern climates. Screens help to keep bugs out of the porch area while still letting in the breezes. On a sleeping porch, a lounger or hammock is used for relaxing and keeping cool at night. These types of porches sometimes have ceiling fans to circulate air.


Photo courtesy of VA State Parks

5 Responses to Small Home Floor Plans with Porches

  • I wrote a post on front porch sitting and it really made me realize how much of my life has taken shape on a front or back porch. There is something so magical about porches. My momma used to tell me stories about her growing up and going to the country in the summer and spending nights out on screened porches at her grandmothers house. And even now my wife and I start each spring morning with coffee and a few minutes of rocking on the front porch watching the few cars go by on their way to work.

    I love the Sawtooth Mountain porch. Great design!

  • Thanks Andrew! I have been vacillating quite a bit about putting a porch on my new tiny house “on a trailer” design. I simply hated to lose the space, but you’re absolutely right. Porches are part of what make a house a home and that’s what Cozy is all about. The finals are done for the Sawtooth Mountain, just needs to have a page created for it. I went a little crazy on my renderings but it was a welcomed change to do a modern spin. It has quickly become one of my top 40 faves too, their kids, I love them all.

  • Porches are so great, not just for rocking but coveing the front or back doors

  • I think the porch makes it a home!

  • Absolutely Glenda, every cozy home, except one has a porch… several actually have a back one too.

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