The Skylight Mountain (320 sq. ft.) Tiny House Floor Plan

The Skylight Mountain 320 sq. ft. tiny house floor plan is simple, yet accommodates all the basics for full time living with a great Kitchen; stackable Washer/Dryer, full size Bath and ample Storage options. Rendered in a perfect cabin look, this home could easily blend into any suburban backyard by matching their current architectural styles.

Skylight Mountains 3D Top View

Skylight Mountains Front Porch View










We’ll let our 6 Must Haves explain all the great features in this Cozy Home floor plan under 500 sq. ft.

 #1 The Kitchen has all 7-8 cabinets with a very large storage pantry, full size refrigerator and a beautiful garden window. Plus room for a separate small dinette.

#2 This unique Bedroom has room for a Queen Size bed, closet and additional built-in storage cabinets. This utilization of cabinets could eliminate the need for additional furniture and provide efficient additional storage without taking up much space.

Skylight Mountains Built-in Bedroom Storage










#3 The comfortable “full” Bath might even have room for two.

#4 Storage areas include several kitchen cabinets, coat closet and the bedroom built-ins.

#5 Actually having the stackable washer and dryer combo in the space provided is always optional of course, but we like to include it for making all Cozy Home Plans a full time possibility.  

#6 This Cozy home has separated Spaces for cooking, eating sleeping, washing and relaxing… all in 320 sq. ft.

The 16’ x 20’ footprint also lends itself perfectly to a set of 20’ shipping containers or ISBU’s for more versatility, Utilizing alternative building techniques is always on our mind and we continually keep up with them.

Regardless of what you are looking for in a smaller home, we have a solution for you. From a simple vacation getaway; writers retreat, elegant guest house, casita, cabin, granny flat, weekend chalet, hunting lodge country villa, studio or the perfect small cottage home. Cozy Home Plans has choices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Please check out our library of 75+ concepts in Flickr to see the complete Cozy lineup.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

2 Responses to The Skylight Mountain (320 sq. ft.) Tiny House Floor Plan

  • I like the idea of shipping containers for homes but are they really practical? It seems like you have to still build a home around them.

  • That’s a good observation and great question SD! I would have to agree that shipping containers are a great core structure but they definitely need something done to all six sides. They however represent… at least to me, just one of the many alternative building techniques that need to be embraced. From Earthbag to Straw Bales and Containers to Cobb, these are amazing building techniques with a future, as soon as people get to know about them.

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