The New Ricochet Small house Floor Plan Under 500 sq ft

My new favorite “this week” small house floor plan concept is called “Ricochet”. Getting excited about a box is actually not easy for me to do, especially a 396 sq ft one.! We here at Cozy Home Plans try and constantly break the micro, tiny and small house mold with our designs. Proudly offering you options for simple vacation getaways; writers retreats, elegant guest houses, casitas, cabins, granny flats, weekend chalets, hunting lodges, country villas, studios or the perfect full time small cottage home. Cozy Home Plans has choices that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Ricochet certainly fits into this unique line up perfectly…

All the pieces for this home fell into place when enlarging it from 320 to 396 sq. ft. We still have the compromise of going through the bedroom to get to the only bath though. My compromise justification for this was that Ricochet plan has way more Pro’s than Con’s.

A Quick Tour…

You’re greeted by a comfortable seating area that has room for a full size couch and not one but two storage options. This efficient but surprising Kitchen Has 10 cabinets plus an 18” wide Pantry, room for a full size refrigerator, microwave and a 24” cooking stove. The Kitchen also contains ample room for cooking just about any type of meal plus a dining area to enjoy it in plus the Laundry area too. The Bedroom has room for a Queen Size bed, two storage areas and access to both sides of the Bed. The ¾ Bath doesn’t disappoint either; it has a large 36” corner shower, 24” vanity.

We also included a 320 sq. ft. rendering in Flickr, still has a pretty similar and good layout. The larger concept turns it into a full time more comfortable home with the extra space though in my opinion.

My vision during the creation of the Ricochet plan was more of a paired idea or with multiple units connected; however this home makes a perfect single dwelling all by itself.

The new Ricochet

The new Ricochet









My “6 Must Haves” need to be part of the equation and they show up beautifully in this Cozy Home.

 #1 This “U” Kitchen is simple yet houses an efficient work triangle and room for 10 cabinets including an additional pantry cabinet.

The “Ricochet” View into Kitchen & Laundry








#2 Enough room for a Queen Size mattress.

#3 This 3/4 Bath has a large 36” corner shower and Vanity Storage plus room for an above the toilet cabinet.

 #4 The Multiple Storage areas are what got me the most excited about. They include the coat closet, W/D area, 10 kitchen cabinets & pantry, Dressers, Bedroom closet plus under the Bed and two additional built in storage cabinets. 10 places to store your/her STUFF!

#5 Room for the optional combo stackable washer/Dryer in the Kitchen makes full time living easy.

#6 Extra Spaces for friends & family is a partial compromise. The home easily accommodates a couple and overnight guest have a great sitting area to hang out in.

We are proud to offer choices that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s all about living Large in a Cozy Home for us…


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

2 Responses to The New Ricochet Small house Floor Plan Under 500 sq ft

  • Love the size and the design – don’t need 2 TV’s especially in bedroom would prefer more storage. It does feel closed – would like open concept and believe can be done. See YouTube “NYC Swiss Army Knife apartment” with movable walls – lots of hidden built in’s. Would love to see or hear your thoughts after seeing that or the YouTube “A Tiny Apartment Transforms 24 rooms” in 300 plus square feet in China – really cool. A great new way to live efficiently.

    Best Wishes, Kalla

  • Hey Kalla!
    Thanks for the email and heads-up on these two videos, I watched them both. The Swiss Apt is an amazing combination of cabinetry, simplicity and multi-tasking. These design elements could be replicated by virtually anyone in a remodel situation and that’s exciting to me. We recently did a Blog series on Shipping Container designs that utilized lots of cabinetry instead of closets and furniture. I personally enjoy an organized environment too but it was a bit too sparsely decorated for my taste. The China Apt is simply a brilliant utilization of space in 3D and not in 2D like it’s typically done. The moving of walls to get a snack might be a pain but who knows… Cozy is striving to be the perfect blending the basic necessities without sacrificing what makes a house actually into a home. Thanks for taking the time to let us know about other ideas, very cool.

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