Rainwater Capture for Your Cozy Home

The season of rain and warmer temperatures is coming up and a great way to save the water that falls onto your tiny or small house is with a rain catchment system. Many rainwater capture systems (especially in the hot Southwest) are built underground and the water is then used to water the garden or replenish a water feature. With some smaller homes, with small yards, this may not be feasible. However, there are various ways that you can use your roof to capture rainwater for later use.


One of the simplest ways to catch rainwater is in a collection barrel. These barrels can usually hold about 50 gallons of water and cost around $100 or so. The top of the barrel is closed to keep out bugs, animals and children, so a tube is attached to the roof’s downspout and the water runs directly into the barrel. Many of these barrels have a spigot at the bottom where you can attach a hose for watering. Another way to catch rainwater is with a larger rain harvesting tank. These tanks are usually made of a heavy plastic and sometimes include a leaf/dirt strainer, a lid, an overflow assembly, a plug and a water hose spigot. They hold around 1,000 to 1,500 gallons of water and can weigh around 250 lbs. The cost for one is around $600.


Several Cozy Home Plans are ideal for rainwater capture: The Granite Mountain’s mansard style roof can maybe have a rain barrel or four on each corner of the roof. The Skylight Mountain has a high pitch to its roof that is great for collecting water and the larger High Point actually has several roofs on the downstairs and upstairs portions of the house that can collect even more water.


Photos by Jason Vance, Will Merydith, and Rain Water Systems


By Christina Nellemann for [Cozy Home Plans]

2 Responses to Rainwater Capture for Your Cozy Home

  • I have never thought of that. That is a really neat idea!

  • Thanks April! Believe it or not in some places these things are illegal. I tend to take clean water for granted, but these types of conservation ideas just make sense. Especially with the doubts that seem to be more prevalent.

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