A Truly “Micro” Tiny House at 64 sq ft

A special Thanks! again to Alex’s  wonderful site http://www.tinyhousetalk.com/for inspiring us to once again “lower” the bar even more here at Cozy Home Plans.

Our answer to the challenges of living “tiny”, well… was to make it NOT so tiny. During the design phase for each and every concept, it never ceases to amaze me how a foot or two here and there can make such a difference. It is a constant balancing act to keep our homes Cozy, yet completely functional. I tend to make them as small as possible on the first go round then add square feet where it is needed the most. As a matter of a fact, I’ve recently dusted off a few of my favorite concepts and actually added to them, but I will save that for later.

Alex and Deek recently had a design competition for an 8’x8’x8’ really, really tiny house. We here at cozy already have the Cube, and in all honesty… I have never even considered designing something smaller than that. Well, never say never…

Here is the “Limbo Rock”, thanks to Chubby Checker for that one.

More Picts in Flickr

Surprising enough our “6 Must Haves” are not completely missing.

#1The Kitchen has 3 &1/2 cabinets; single sink and a simple microwave / convection oven for cooking. Storage for a hot-plate too!

#2 The Bed / Couch has plenty of under drawer storage and is 6’-6” long.

#3 The stackable Bath includes a 32” x 32” shower pan that also holds the lightweight composting toilet when it’s not in use and hid behind the curtain.

This was probably one of the most controversial ideas. First… its only 64 sq ft and second… these two actions can take less than 15-30 minutes out of a 24 hour period. It still took up 1/9th of the overall space, a fair compromise in my book.

#4 Storage areas are actually quite surprising in this little guy. Kitchen cabinets; under the bed, a 15” wide wardrobe closet for hanging garments, above the shower and some glass doored uppers make storing the extra stuff look pretty and more open. Oh yea… a custom ottoman has additional storage and rollers so it can move around easily for quick drawer access. It’s also the same height as the Bed/Couch for comfortable relaxing while facing the TV.

#5 The Washer/Dryer combo is in town under the Laundromat sign or at mom’s house. Seriously though, if I really tried hard we might be able to squeeze an “all in one” somewhere in the Kitchen by sacrificing a cabinet or under the Bed facing out might be a better place.

#6 Having Roomfor friends/family plus entertaining…. Aaaaah, perhaps a hamster or two, maybe a fish… Wait! I should rename it “Fish Bowl” because that’s how I would feel living in such a small space. If someone really did live full time in this “Limbo Rock”, I’m pretty sure they would have a steady stream of friends, family and guest stopping by to check it out.

We hope you get a spark from this little “Micro House” and see space in a completely different way. It’s all about recognizing our NEEDS and WANTS. Could you imagine the electricity/water/maintenance bills for this home? Being off the grid is a possible reality now because of it’s compromise in space. This little exercise was actually quite fun for me. Cozy Home Plans has choices that you won’t find anywhere else under 500 sq ft, under 1000 sq ft and now under 100 sq ft. If you’re looking for the perfect vacation home; cozy cabin, cottage, granny flat, weekend retreat, hunting lodge, guest house or even the perfect full time cozy home.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

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