Can A Micro Home Provide More Than 3 Hot’s & a Cot?

Absolutely! We think our Sprinkle Drop at (196 sq. ft.) can, but we’ll let you be the judge.

It’s one of the most popular sets in Flickr with hundreds of views and more daily. Cozy’s Sprinkle Drop to me is more about the “what if” aspect of Tiny House living though, because an extra foot here and there can truly make a substantial difference in the layout.. Our #1 goal is minimizing the compromises typically associated with living in small environments by thinking of space in 3D and getting really imaginative about them. We think the Sprinkle Drop really reflects this philosophy.

This unique micro/tiny house design makes full time living possible in less than 200 sq. ft. The open design allows for relaxing on the couch or lying in Bed while watching a swivel-mount TV. The kitchenette has the capability of cooking complete meals with its two burner cook-top, mini fridge and convection microwave oven. Seating for two is accomplished by turning storage cabinets and a counter top into a multipurpose Dining table. The bath is less traditional but your storage needs are completely taken care of in this Cozy home.

Still remember saying to myself after sketching it out… “Why didn’t I think of this one sooner?” 196 sq ft small house floor plan "Sprinkle Drop" 3D Outside View

196 sq ft “Sprinkle Drop” 3D Outside View 196 sq ft small house floor plan "Sprinkle Drop" 3D Top View

“Sprinkle Drop” 3D Top View









We always try to include our “6 Must Haves” in all the floor plans, regardless of how many square feet they have. These “6” were derived from my own personal experience living the tiny lifestyle and being a BIG micro, tiny house fan. If I missed a “must have”, please contact us anytime with your suggestion.

#1 The Kitchen has 7 cabinets, including 2 extra shelf units that create a dining room table.

#2 The Bed fits neatly in the corner and the space is wide enough for a Queen Size mattress.

#3 The Bath area hold a 36” shower and toilet with storage above it.

#4 Getting creative with additional Storage options for a 196 sq. ft. home means you have to think differently about it. We decided to take advantage of the space above the front porch, over the Bathroom, under the bed drawers and wall utilizing shelving makes great storage options too. 196 sq ft small house floor plan "Sprinkle Drop" 3D Storage View

“Sprinkle Drop” 3D Storage View 196 sq ft small house floor plan "Sprinkle Drop" 3D Kitchenette View

196 sq ft “Sprinkle Drop” 3D Kitchenette View









#5 Utilizing an all-in-one combo washer/dryer takes up half the coat closet and allows for additional hanging garment space.

#6 Space is hard to come by with a 14’x14’ footprint but this particular layout gives you some room to maneuver around a bit.

Depending on what you are looking for, Cozy Home Plans has 116 choices for singles, couples and small families to consider. With tons of one, two & three-plus bedrooms to choose from and all under 1000 sq. ft., you’re bound to find something that might work for you.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the BIG brother of the Sprinkle called the Water Drop!


4 Responses to Can A Micro Home Provide More Than 3 Hot’s & a Cot?

  • Maybe I have been in the woods for too long, but I have never heard of these types of homes. But I really like the idea and floor plan of them.

  • Hey Amanda! Believe it or not the tiny house movement is a pretty BIG deal… Pardon the pun. Just Google Tiny houses, it’s a scary number. Thanks for the comment.

  • Isn’t that a prision term? That plan is bigger than a cell though.

  • I do believe it has been used in conjunction with prisons. Some people might think living in a tiny house would feel like that, not me! Cozy Home Plans tries to break the mold with our small houses and give people realistic choices for actually living in a much smaller environment than we are typically use to. Yes the Sprinkle is larger than a cell, heard that cells are 5′x 8′, but I have never actually been on one. Thanks for the comment Joyce!

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