Landscaping a Tiny House: 10 Tips

Once you have your Cozy Home or tiny house built and you’ve moved in, the next step is to look at how you are going to landscape the area around your new home. This, of course, will depend on the amount of land and space that you have, where the home is located and the surrounding environment and climate. If your tiny home is on wheels, you will also need to consider that the house may be moved from its current location and a driveway and road access will need to be worked into the landscape design. Here are ten tips on how to landscape the area around a small or tiny house:

1. Several of our Cozy Home plans have outdoor spaces built into the floor plan. These include covered porches or decks that can be used for outdoor seating or eating. Integrate your outdoor space seamlessly with the home’s landscaping by adding walkways from the garden or yard up to the deck and adding potted plants to the deck. Remember to keep areas around the door open and inviting. Don’t crowd the house with a multitude of flower pots, decorations, bird baths or furniture.

2. If your tiny house is in the backyard of a larger house, the landscaping will need to jive with the rest of the property’s landscaping. Dee Williams’s tiny house is a nice example of this. Her tiny vegetable and flower garden don’t run amuck of the rest of the yard.

3. A tiny house can be dwarfed by its landscaping. Don’t plant too many large trees, install overly tall fences or bring in large boulders, waterfalls or sculptures.

4. Take a cue from cultures that already live small. Traditional homes in Japan (those that are lucky to have land) are surrounded by tiny gardens that emulate larger natural landscapes.

5. Add a water feature. It doesn’t have to be a large pond or waterfall. A small pot with an electric fountain or Japanese bamboo deer scarer will add another dimension of sight and sound to your tiny landscaping.

6. Work with your environment: don’t try to grow Rhododendrons in Arizona or cactus in the Pacific Northwest. Xeriscaping is the best way to save water and will save on frustration later on.

7. Since your tiny or Cozy Home is already small, move your summer living area out into the garden. Have comfy chairs, a bench, a chaise lounge or some outdoor pillows available for lounging and reading in the outdoors. Put out a small table for eating and maybe a small fire pit or BBQ for parties.

8. By all means, have a vegetable and herb garden, but keep aware of the amount of produce you might…well…produce. A small or tiny kitchen may not be able to hold mountains of tomatoes, beans and squash.

9. Don’t knock the classic rock garden. This simple way of gardening creates depth and movement in a small landscape and the size of a rock garden can be controlled by you.

10. Attract birds and bees with bright flowers, small birdhouses and small bird baths.

There are many ways to create a small and creative garden to complement your small house, and just like your small home it’s best to keep it simple.



Photos courtesy of [rickscully, flatbushgardener, lethacolleen, OZinOH]

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