How to Choose a Cozy Home Plan

So, you’ve decided you want to build and live in your own Cozy Home. What’s the next step? As you look through our home plans trying to decide which one to choose, keep these four things in mind:

1. How many people will be living in the home, and how many people will be visiting the home?

Creating sleeping and relaxing spaces for all members of the family will keep a Cozy Home from feeling too cozy. Make sure to accommodate everyone’s needs. Also, take into consideration visiting family members or friends. Once your home is complete, they are going to want to visit your new space. A designated guest space (bed, loft or sofa) should be worked into your chosen design.

2. Don’t look only at square footage, look at how the space is divided up.

For cost savings, many people look at the smallest Cozy Home they can build, but take into consideration all the plans and how each space is divided up. Do you want more private space? Then the Crested Butte, the Mount Kiska or the High Point  will be best. Do you want an open floor plan? Then look at the El Capitan or the Grand Teton.

3. How will the Cozy Home fit into the landscape?

The Skylight Mountain and the Cozy Shed both look great in a forest or mountain setting, from the deck of the Crested Butte you can enjoy the sunset on the beach,  the High Point will be wonderful in a meadow or plain and the Mount Kiska will fit right into a suburban neighborhood. Consider both the style of the plan and the exterior of the home when building on your chosen site.

4. What do you see yourself doing in the home?

Are you an experienced chef who flies around the kitchen making delicious meals? Are you a bookworm or movie buff who just likes to take it easy? Or do you want to spend most of your time outside enjoying the weather on a covered deck or porch? Take into consideration how you will use your new home when choosing your Cozy Home plan. The chef will want a more open kitchen and easy access to the eating area, the person who wants to relax will want a cozy living space with room for a larger TV and the outdoorsy person will want more deck than house.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

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