“Growing” Small House Plans

The “thinking outside the box” small home floor plan.

I have been working with Andrew and Crystal Odom over at http://tinyrevolution.us/ recently on a 3D project.This collaboration has inspired me to think a little differently. Even more than usual!

Andrew has a great site with lots of relevant information for the tiny house movement. From one who “talks the talk” and “walks the walk”. His POD living concept, which could be a post in itself, can be explained much better by him… so be sure and check out his awesome site. I would simply describe it as adding to your core structure/tiny house/cozy home in different phases as time and money allows for it with additional buildings instead of rooms.

This new way of thinking has inspired a “Growing” Cozy Home so to speak.

The idea for the core structure was specifically designed to be added on from the very beginning. All this can be easily accomplished by anticipating the future additions; then framing in the rough openings during initial construction. Andrew’s idea BTW… This Cozy Home utilizes 10’ high walls to guarantee a good roof pitch for the shed dormer additions, plus reusing door openings. This makes adding new phases much easier and economical.


Phase 1… (320 sq ft)










This concept plan starts as a simple 12’ x 32’ (384 sq ft) home that houses a great kitchen, bath and a spacious living area for both seating and a Murphy style wall bed. It also includes a coat closet, dining and linen storage. The close plumbing and major electrical make this an efficient and simpler construction project.

My 6 floor plan essentials are larger kitchen, bath, storage, family, W/D and insulation. This concept does not include the usual 2×6 exterior walls on all Cozy homes though.  Sorry :cry:   Just drew it that way.

We will use North, South, East and West for describing the placing our new phase add-ons.


 Phase 2… (504 sq ft)










This gives us our first 10’ x 12’ addition, adding a separate bedroom on the South side with a generous closet and a great new kitchen pantry.  Let’s not forget the signature Cozy covered porch too. This configuration still allows for sleeping 2-3 comfortable.


Phase 3… (644 sq ft)










The 10’ x 14’ addition on the North side adds a slab foundation for both it and phase 4. This new 2nd bedroom is created with a generous closet, necessary for (phase 4).


Phase 4… (764 sq ft)










This 3rd addition… If necessary of course can be accomplished economically because the foundation is already present and the new plumbing tie-ins for the ½ bath are only feet from the existing lines. This new 10’ x 12’ addition on the Northeast corner creates a comfortable master bedroom. By taking the closet from phase 3 construction and adding the cozy but adequate 3/4 bath and closet, this cozy home is both efficient and can grow as your family does.

Additional concepts pictures are located in Flickr…  Red and Blue dot in the Follow Us section.

DISCLAIMER… This idea is in the beginning stages of development and is definitely subject to change and probably will.

We here at Cozy are always trying to create both unique and cost effective small home under 500 and 1000 sq ft.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington


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  • WOW! Thank you for all the kudos. I don’t know what I did to deserve it. I love your explanation of the POD concept though and I hope your mind keeps cranking out ideas on how to build such!

  • You’re so very welcome! Keep up the great work on the tiny house; it’s an inspiration to us all.

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