Garage in a Cozy Home

This is actually a first for Cozy Home Plans, an attached garage!


Top Hat










One of the first questions people usually ask is “where are the garages?” Well,  in all honesty… I have always felt that even a one car garage that’s 12’ x 24’ (288 sq ft) next to a Cozy Home might look a little silly. And still do actually… These floor plan concepts were inspired by a small carriage /coach house that was around 500 sq ft on Alex’s  wonderful site While it was visually appealing and had the basics, it was lacking in other areas in my opinion. Hmmm, I wondered, could we incorporate my 6 must haves without breaking the square footage bank in my own little carriage /coach house. These Cozy Home concepts, that I have affectionately called the 70’s – 585 and the Top Hat – 525 was the result of this challenge. My 6 Must Haves.

#1  Kitchen/Dining… Check!

Some of the smallest eat in kitchens we’ve designed so far, but this one still has an adequate food prep area; 7 & 8 kitchen storage cabinets, a 24” cooking range, full size microwave, large refrigerator and a pantry in both.

#2  A good sized bed… Check!

70′s 2nd Story

Top Hats Bedroom











The bedroom also offers more than enough room for a large dresser plus the bed is accessible from both sides. A comment that I read regularly that people like. By the way, 99% of all Cozy homes are rendered with a queen size bed.

#3  Ample bathroom/s with sufficient storage… Check!

There is not one, but 1 & 1/2 baths in these Cozy Homes. The main bath is large enough for a 5’ tub or shower in one and a spacious 42″ corner unit in the other and 1/2 baths down stairs.

#4  Storage… Check!

We have a kitchen with lots of cabinets; coat closet, stackable W/D closet, under the stairs storage, “step-in” closet in the bed room, home office built-in, and let’s not forget the one car garage for all your stuff!

#5  Enough space for a washer and dryer… Check!

Sorry, it just would not be a cozy home without one.


#6  Room for more than one person… Check!

With its two story design separating bed and living areas; mini home office in the kitchen, large private deck off the bedroom and garage… this Cozy Home floor plan offers co-habitation with the added bonus of separation.

Check out more pictures and 50+ concepts in Flickr.

As always, concepts will probably change when the architect stops laughing and starts asking me “what I was thinking”.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

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