Minimal Furnishing Needed for a Small House

How much furniture do you really need to furnish a small or tiny house? For the average three-bedroom home, brand new furniture for each room can cost up to $1,500 to $3,000+ per room. With a much smaller home, you can buy less furniture, but in the end it does pay to buy quality over quantity.

There is also no need to purchase new furniture for your small or Cozy home. Peruse Craigslist, eBay and Freecycle for free or cheap furniture items. However, be sure to take into consideration the shipping or transportation of each item. When looking for quality, look for furniture that has already stood the test of time and contains good, solid wood and fabric. Be wary when purchasing a pre-owned bed or mattress. In fact, it might be best to pay new for your mattress.

Here’s a bare minimum list of what a small or tiny house furniture selection could be in our Crested Butte small house floor plan:

Crested Butte 3D Top View










Living room

One couch and small, padded chair or two larger padded chairs
Bookshelf or multimedia table
Reading lamp or floor lamp
Coffee table or ottoman
Side Table
Rugs (optional)


Table with three or four chairs


Bed Full or Queen size
Two bedside tables

Dresser or wardrobe if you change the Bed configuration

Additional furnishings for a Tiny House/Cozy Home

Hall table (useful for keys, mail, phone docking station, etc.)
Temporary seating (folding chairs for additional guests)
Guest sleeping options (rolled up futon or air mattress)

This list does not include the items that have already been built into the home including the bathroom tub, alcove, cabinets or shelving. Other Storage ideas.

We try with our renderings of Home Plans and Concepts to show potential layouts with as much seating as possible and always rendered with a Queen size Bed unless otherwise labeled.


Photo by .nate/Flickr

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