Fully loaded Bashful Peak

Small house design has always been more challenging here at Cozy Home Plans with the inclusion of our “6 floor plan essentials”.  Not to mention that most of our homes are the size of a traditional living or family room. All cozy homes include a fully functional kitchen, good sized area for a queen size bed, ample bathroom with sufficient storage, enough space for a stackable washer and dryer, storage for your STUFF and room for entertaining and extra people, whether their full time or just a weekend guest.

Let’s talk about the concept plan called the Bashful Peak and Bashful Peak XXLL today.


Bashful Peak 256 sq ft












This concept is currently specked out between 256 and 321 sq ft for the XXLL version. In this truly tiny home we are pleased to include…

#1 This fully functional kitchen has 8 cabinets including two corner base cabinets “lazy Susans” and two corner upper wall cabinets creating plenty of kitchen storage for such a small home.

#2 Enough room for a full or queen bed, but it is in the corner and making it will be more challenging in the smaller one. The extra sq ft in the XXLL has that problem solved though.

#3 A ¾ Bath with a comfortable 36” x 36” corner shower, 24” vanity base cabinets and mirror medicine cabinets, possibly even enough storage for two people.

#4 Storage areas include a coat/ pantry; oversized stackable W/D closet, a step in closet with 11 lin. ft of closet rod plus cube storage units, room for a 30” wide dresser, nightstand and under the bed for your STUFF storage. High front walls could also provide additional shelving storage options. The XXLL has even more!

#5 Room for a stackable washer and dryer combo unit or a potential 3rd closet if it’s not needed.

#6 A separated bedroom/kitchen with an actual Dining room area/ home office/ poker table/????  Your imagination and its size is the limit.

XXLL Top View












The Bashful Peak XXLL gives you a little more of everything, a great trade for another 75 sq ft and will probably be the more realistic choice for offering people a completely functional Cozy home, guest house, granny flat or weekend retreat.  The original 256 sq ft version came from reading a comment in a blog… thinking it was a year or so ago from a person who needed to have a home UNDER 260 square ft. This was the inspiration for the Bashful Peak, just to see if 260 sq ft could really include all of my 6 must haves. It did so, but just barely though.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington




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