The Flickr Breakdown at Cozy Home Plans

I often end my Blog Post with something like this… Cozy Home Plans has choices that you won’t find anywhere else.

We specialize in vacation get-a ways; guest houses, cabins, casitas, granny flats, hunting lodges and even humble cottages. All designed with full-time living in mind.

Please check out our library of “X” number of concepts into Flickr to see the complete Cozy lineup.


So… What exactly do you have there for me to see, you may be asking?


So far it includes 1528 renderings in 88 total sets. There all individually placed in ascending square footage from smallest to largest or in collections for easy sorting. 

Our sets are…

20 floor plans and concepts of micro and tiny houses Under 300 sq. ft., these will help get you in touch with your “Tiny Side” starting at 64 sq. ft. and going up to the surprising 296 sq. ft. Water Drop.

19 choices from 300-400 sq. ft. with a little more elbow room and the possibility comfortably sharing your home with someone/thing other than a small plant.

14 sets of small homes from 401-500 sq. ft. that are great options for the perfect backyard guest house or weekend getaway like the Sawtooth Mountain.  That’s 53 floor plans less than 500 sq. ft. if you’re counting.

8 choices from 501-600 sq. ft.  See how a small amount of space can be arranged to make cozy homes and not just boring houses. This set including one of my all-time favorites floor plans and the ADA compliant small house plan Regal Mountain.

14 sets of 601- 700 sq. ft. homes that will surprise you with their efficiency, livability and appeal.

Plus! 12 LARGE Cozy Home floor plans over 701 sq. ft. that mix practicality with luxury. Some with amenities found in homes 2-3 times larger.

We also have collections based on Bedrooms…

14 Sets of two Bedrooms

5 three bedrooms

And even 3 unique four + bedroom ideas.

I describe Flickr is my “Warehouse of Creativity”; it’s simply a great place to share with you some of my ideas and not all of these concepts will make the final Cozy Home Plans cut to become stock floor plans.  However, it’s ultimately up to you the tiny house fan and your interest. Please continue to keep viewing and commenting because your input definitely helps us make the best possible choices of small houses that you truly won’t find anywhere else.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington



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