Five Easy Tips for Painting Your Cozy Home

The winter months are a good time to get some indoor work done on your small or tiny home. Painting your Cozy Home walls is one of those projects that can be done while you are stuck inside. The Cozy Home Plans blog has a post on the types of colors that work best in a small home, but here are a few tips on how to simplify your painting job and keep from making a mess or getting frustrated while working in a small space.


1. One of the worst things about painting is trying to get around awkward, permanent objects. This includes the toilet tank. A good tip is to cover the toilet tank with sealable plastic wrap (the kind you use for sandwiches) to keep the paint from getting on the porcelain tank.

2. When you are taping off your trim or other woodwork with painter’s tape, here’s a tip to keep the tape from peeling up and to prevent bleeding. Lay the tape onto the woodwork and press it down with the corner of a putty knife. Let the tape stick out perpendicular to the trim to act as a little protective roof to catch paint drips. A great way to then get that painter’s tape off is to soften it with the heat of a hair dryer. Use the dryer on the low setting until the tape is soft and then pull it off at a 90-degree angle.

3. Don’t you hate it when you scrape a little extra paint off your brush and it goes running down the side of the can? Take a screwdriver and a hammer and poke a few holes in the lid edge of the paint can. The leftover paint will drip back down into the can.

4. Soften and loosen up spilled latex paint with pimple pads. These pads (usually used for the faces of teenage boys) will soften up the paint, but won’t harm your wood or other surfaces. The pads work best on paint that’s been dry just a few hours.

5. Renew old painter’s or masking tape by putting it in the microwave for 10 seconds.


We have some Drywall Tips and Electrical ones if your project is a little bigger.


Photo by OlgerFallasPainting/Flickr


By Christina Nellemann for [Cozy Home Plans]

2 Responses to Five Easy Tips for Painting Your Cozy Home

  • Even though it is not Winter, I am getting ready to paint and found your tips useful. I dread painting so I am always looking for tips to make it easier. ;-)

  • Thanks for the comment Lisa! Painting is definitely one of those DIY projects that one can do themselves. It’s always nice to have warm weather so you can open up a window too. If you’re trapped inside, try using a low VOC paint. We have some good drywall tips for beginners that you can check out also.

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