Five All-In-One Kitchens for Tiny Houses

The design of all-in-one kitchens has really flourished in the past few years. Way beyond the design of The Jetsons, these modern tiny kitchens for tiny homes really take into consideration space-saving techniques, new technology and style. Some of these designs include flat-pack kitchens and mobile units that can be pushed out of the way for when you have company. While some of these may be available in small quantities solely by the designer, the little Avanti kitchen is a viable idea for a compact home.


The Circular Kitchen by Alfred Averbeck

This revolving cylinder which contains a full kitchen can rotate 180 degrees and is equipped with stainless steel sink with chrome single lever mixer, a garbage can and drawers. The upper shelf can rotate a full 360 degrees and can store plates, containers or your pots and pans. This small space saving invention actually contains the same amount of cupboards in a conventional kitchen and has it’s own lighting, electrical sockets water and waste disposal. You can also include all the necessary appliances – refrigerator, microwave dishwasher etc.


The Flow 2 Kitchen by Studio Gorm

Not only does the Flow 2 Kitchen provide a space for preparing food, but waste products are also used to fertilize plants and dishes drip dry over plants in terracotta containers. The gas cook top is made up of a floral pattern, offering an alternative to conventional standards. The continuous surface allows pots to be easily moved on and off the heat source.



Avanti Mini Kitchen

The Avanti Mini Kitchen is probably one of the more affordable (around $700) and practical all-in-one kitchens and can be connected to any space that has water and a plug. There is no oven, but there is a nice stainless steel sink, a built-in refrigerator and a small cabinet.


Oma’s Rache

Named after “grandma” in German, this compact kitchen folds flat against the wall and with the push of a button, warps into a 3D kitchen and dining area with a table, two chairs, a lamp and some cupboards.


MiniKitchen by Boffi

This stylish little kitchen on wheels includes a stove, a tiny refrigerator, drawers and storage compartments, sockets for small electrical appliances, a large chopping board and pull-out worktop. It’s made of durable white Corian® and ceramic glass and can be moved and swiveled around 360°.

By Christina Nellemann for [Cozy Home Plans]

6 Responses to Five All-In-One Kitchens for Tiny Houses

  • All of these are cute, but the first kitchen stole my heart. We are now building our home and guess what hubby will be doing in the kitchen area? Yep, the first kitchen on this list!!!!!

  • These are FABULOUS! I’m in the process of renovation my home, and my husbands interest in having his own ‘space’ for his office with a fridge. I am trying to maximize both my kitchen and outdoor dining/cooking area. These are truly incredible creations. Great work!

    What would your recommendations be for kitchen islands?

  • I love these little kitchens, very modern and compact. Do any of your floor plans offer anything like this?

  • Thanks for the comment Joyce! Not yet but we do have some pretty small ones.

  • Thanks Daisey! That one is a pretty Cozy kitchen indeed.

  • These would truly save space, making room for other areas by utilizing with these super efficient designs. Thanks for the comment Jessica!

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