Fishing… Inside your tiny house!

Fishing… Inside your tiny house!

An absolute must in any tool kit is tie wire, a small spool of light gauge metal wire that can usually be found near the rebar/concrete/grade stakes and it’s primarily used to tie rebar together. This cheap and handy wire can be utilized for many, many different projects and is a must.

Be sure to wrap your “fishing line” as I have always called it around several times and secure with tape covering the tip of the wire thoroughly. Overkill is better because you never know what might be in the wall and create a snag.


Slowly pull it through, cut the wire extra long on both ends, remove fishing line to either use again or roll it up and toss it in the metal scrap pile.  Recycling is a cool GREEN thing to do when building any house Tiny, Cozy or Castle.

Check out our post on 8 Electrical Tips for more info on wiring.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

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