Creating a Little Electric Fireplace in your Cozy Home.

Take a wider than normal wall cavity; a few 2×4’s, drywall, a 110 power outlet, screws and tile or tumbled Travertine in this case… Add in a little imagination and you have a neat little electric fireplace instead of a boring old plain wall.

Warning!!! A Designer/builder/type A perfectionist opinion…

Dimplex fireplaces are the best most realistic looking in the 2-$300 range and I have used them in all my FP creations. Unfortunately, the one thing missing though is the noise typically associated with a traditional fire. If you can get some popping and cracking going on in the background, then the “Pho”  will be complete.













I am a big fan of using similar grout to the primary color of the material that I am tiling with. This Tuscan Condo will look elaborate enough when it’s completely finished, so keeping each individual piece of the puzzle as simple and muted as possible was very important to me.













Hope this inspires you to look differently at a wall in your own Cozy Home or Tiny House. Check out some drywall tips here and look forward to some tiling tips coming soon.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

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