Large Equipment Needed to Build a Small Home

When building any type of home, a few large pieces of equipment will make the job much easier. This is also true with a small or Cozy home that will be placed on a fixed foundation. However, because a Cozy Home is small, the equipment will not need to be as large and will not need to be rented for as long a time as with a typical, larger home.

There are many companies around the country who offer large equipment rentals or you can hire an individual or company to do the work for you. These machines are normally used in the beginning of the process to clear out land, dig holes or trenches or to make cement. Here are the most basic large pieces of machinery you will need for your Cozy Home:


Bobcat or Skid-Steer

A Bobcat, Skid Steer or other larger or more compact digger and loader is super useful for many aspects of small house building. They can be used to clear the land of trees and bushes, level the land for a foundation, leveling the land for a driveway and digging deep pits for the leech field and the septic tank. If you can, rent this piece of machinery for several days and get everything done at one time. Loaders are not cheap to tow and end up costing you a lot in diesel fuel and other transportation costs.



Once your land is cleared and level, a tamper or other vibrating soil compactor is a great piece of machinery for packing down your ground for a pier or slab foundation. It’s also useful to tamp down the soil if you are planning on building an earthen floor in your tiny house. A tamper is a handheld piece of equipment, but is extremely heavy.


Cement Mixer

The cement mixer, whether it’s a large truck or a smaller rolling piece of equipment is useful for creating cement to be used for foundations, slabs, decks or driveways. You can usually rent a smaller cement mixer yourself, but for a larger truck — leave that to the experts.



A trencher, like the Ditch Witch, is the best tool for creating long, narrow trenches for laying down electrical conduit and pipe or plumbing pipe. You can rent a walk behind trencher for small jobs or hire an expert to bring a larger trencher to your worksite. This is another piece of equipment that is not cheap to rent, so be sure to have all the necessary work done all at one time.

Here are some of the woodworking tools necessary for actually building your small house.


By Christina Nellemann for [Cozy Home Plans]

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