Cutting holes in a Cozy/Tiny house walls

Whether it’s new construction or a remodel, occasionally it’s necessary to gain access behind a finished wall. This is sometimes an “Oops” moment, but more often than not it’s for adding an outlet, task light for a specific area, “Art” spot lights, recess lighting, creating a 3-way switch etc… Holes are inevitable when doing this and should certainly not be feared.

My technique when cutting hole is to first make four jabs with a hole-saw, move the saw side to side on the horizontal jabs after puncturing the surface to see if it makes contact with anything.  This is mainly to insure that nothing is behind the proposed hole. It is much easier to patch a tiny cut, than half a hole if something happens to be behind there. Not everything shows up from a stud finder or tapping your knuckle on the wall waiting for the sound to change.  Remember that my condo project had metal walls!

Larger holes are just as easy as small ones to patch if you know what you’re doing, so stay tuned for that post next.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington


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