Cozy Home Plans Hits 4000!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the views and comments in Flickr.

On 12/7/2012 we have 77 sets in ascending square footage from the Limbo Rock at 64 sq. ft. all the way up to the 980 sq. ft. Concerto.

We have open style tiny house plans and concepts without a separated bedroom area like the Cozy Cube, Outback Squared and the Water Drop.

The “Outback Squared” Front Porch View









Great one bedroom small  house plans like the ADA compliant Regal Mountain, Day Lilly and one of my top 77 faves… The Slide Mountain!

The “Slide Mountain” 3D Top View W/Garage










We also have several two bedroom plans now including our Grand Teton, A B See and the Cozy Steel 2/1.

Plus three Bedroom plans like our efficient Bay of Many, Silver Star or the Cozy Steel 3/1-1/2.

Four Bedrooms… You’re kidding right? Nope! Now granted the Dorm is more of a dormitory structure, but it still has a homey feel to me with a few simple modifications… and our LARGEST concept “probably ever”, would be the Octagon 4 Plex. This is four great individual 330 sq. ft. efficiency units under one roof and in a unique shape.

“Octagon 4 Plex” 3D Top View









Please keep up the comments; it really helps me to know what’s working and what is NOT. We are proud to offer micro, tiny & small home choices that you won’t find anywhere else under 500 sq ft and under 1000 sq ft.

Just wanted to say thanks again!

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

2 Responses to Cozy Home Plans Hits 4000!

  • Congratulations! I really enjoy some of your ideas and the way you use the space.

  • Thanks SD! We have almost 80 floor plans and concepts in Flickr now. And still quite a few in the stack that need to be dealt with. Hopefully something for everyone out there is our goal. Thanks for the support and great comments! Keep it up please.

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