Cozy Home Furniture for your Tiny Home

A Cozy Home will most likely not contain the types of furniture that are found in a typical American home. When furnishing your tiny or small home, you will want it to reflect comfort, but you don’t want it to look too crowded with overstuffed or overweight furniture. There are some companies out there that make furniture that will fit nicely into a smaller home. Companies like Home Decorators, West Elm and IKEA design and sell smaller scale furniture that also have great storage and minimal details. Look for furniture that can do double or even triple duty: a coffee table that can become a dining table, a chair and ottoman with storage underneath, a desk that’s also a bookshelf or a couch that becomes a bed. Don’t forget your bed can be used for storage too. Blankets, towels, clothes, and seasonal items can be stored under a bed.

Home Decorators offers this tip when furnishing and decorating a small space:

“You’ve probably also heard that the eye travels more quickly through a small space, so it is important to interrupt its movement as little as possible. To achieve this, eliminate obstacles in the room. Go for larger, fewer pieces of furniture instead of many small pieces that might cause a cluttered effect. The farther the eye can see into the room, the better.” Our armless accent chairs, low benches and ottomans are ideal for opening up a small space. Choose double-duty pieces of furniture like our storage benches whenever possible. They not only look stylish, but are great for tucking away items.”

Decorating your small house with simpler furniture will also keep your smaller home from feeling cramped. Avoid large couches, heavy tables and items that don’t keep to the scale of your small home. Avoid large pottery, plants and knickknacks. If you are looking to house guests in your cozy home, try a twin sleeper. This is a chair that can fold out into a twin bed. You can find one for about $600 at Raymour & Flanigan Furniture.










A single table in a small house can be used for eating, work, storage and space separation. The Norden Table by IKEA is a drop leaf dining table that folds out to a full table. It also has storage for linens and silverware. It sells for about $176. A coffee table with a lift top can be used as a dining table as well as for storage.

When furnishing your Cozy Home, the best thing to do is be creative. Don’t try to make your cozy home look just like a larger, more traditional home and use items differently than the way they were intended. In addition, be sure to measure each piece before you try to fit it through you Cozy Home door.






























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