Cozy Home Closets

Never be afraid to move, add or modify closets in your Tiny House/Cozy Home.

However, taking them away is a completely different deal because most of us like having places to stuff our stuff.

I have only done that once, eliminate a coat closet to increase the forum and function of a main bath. No one ever noticed because the new bath was very, very nice.

Here in the condo we moved an existing hall closet and pantry into the Dine. By reusing the existing space, we create a 2nd larger closet for the 3rd Bed plus added value to the home. This was simply accomplished by filling in the hallway opening and creating a new one behind it in the current 3rd bedroom wall. Since nothing was load bearing and the electrical was very simple, this was a quick and easy swap that added…

#1  Made the hall feel larger and less busy while opening up the Kitchen.


#2  Created an opportunity to do a built in buffet in the existing over sized Dining with flanking closets.




















Even with the custom cabinetry, granite counter tops and accent lighting, it was still comparable in cost to a nice stand alone hutch. BUT added two–three times its cost in value to the home.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

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  • This is a neat way to look at closets. I like it a lot.

  • Thanks SD! Simply by turning a single rod closet into a double rod system with a full and a ¾ rod… This allows for long hanging garments BTW if desired, it will almost double the closets storage capacity. All for less than 20 bucks and n hour or so of time usually.

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