Getting “BIG-TIME” Here At Cozy with House Plans Less than 1000 sq. ft.

After working on 5 or 6 designs in a row that were less than 300 sq. ft., I decided to go a little/BIG “crazy” on my next few.

There was actually some guilt going on while creating the 980 sq ft Concerto 2/1-3/4 and the 875+ sq ft Gypsy Rose 2/2-1/2 small house floor plan concepts.

Let’s face it, you could put 15 Limbo Rocks, 3 Outback Squared or even 2 Sawtooth Mountains inside these guys.

However; Cozy is about choices that you won’t find anywhere else… like these.

A thousand square feet is still marginally smaller in comparison to your typical house size of today, but it’s all about the use of space in my opinion. These floor plans use space well and in some very unique and creative ways. Check out the storage options in the Gypsy Rose bedrooms.

For some reason my “6 Must Haves” are actually easier to put in floor plans less than 500 sq. ft., than over that. Perhaps it might be because I’m currently living the tiny lifestyle, or else my experience living alone in 3000 sq. ft. has tempered my need for wasted space. Regardless of the reason, I first have to see myself actually living in a Cozy home before it ever makes it to Flickr.

My latest LARGE, small house floor plans I could easily see living in full time, very easily…

The Concerto’s Kitchen








The Concerto’s Study/Bedroom #2








The Gypsy Rose Kitchen








Here at Cozy Home Plans we specialize in elegant guest houses plus; casitas, cabins, granny flats, weekend chalets, simple vacation getaways and even writer retreats. We offer homes starting from 196 sq. ft. and going up to 1000 sq. ft., now with 13 plans over 650 sq. ft to choose from.

Please check out our library of 70+ concepts in Flickr to see the complete Cozy lineup.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington



2 Responses to Getting “BIG-TIME” Here At Cozy with House Plans Less than 1000 sq. ft.

  • That kitchen looks larger than some of the houses on this website. How big is it?

  • I make it a point to avoid dimensions until a plan is finalized by the architect. She usually adds a few sq. ft. to make them even better during that phase but you are absolutely right. The Gypsy Rose is approximately 12’ x 15’ for kitchen plus eating bar and the Concerto is 8’ x 13’.

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