Cozy Cottage House Plans

Just the word cottage brings to mind images of picturesque charming little house. Personally, my mind goes to Hansel and Gretel storybook architecture, Old World European stone houses with a thatched roofs and shutters.

The fact is; any Cozy Home can have these features. Simple modifications to the exterior can easily be added to our stock plans. Contact us anytime…

Change the roof to Gambrel, Mansard, Dutch Gables or add Hips to your favorite design changing its look completely. Add those perfect little dormer windows with a steeper roof pitch or a hexagonal addition to the kitchen to make it more visually appealing from the outside as well as perfect for you on the inside. Adding an arched doorway makes a striking first impression and screams cottage. Adding wooden shutters for the windows makes for a great old world look.

Consider this, having a simple shed dormer roof over a room makes your cozy home look like it been added on to. Additions say to me, the home has already been there for decades and needed to grow a bit. Here is the El Capitan with all its quaint angles rendered in stone, wood and rich Tudor colors. This 307 sq ft is our pool house floor plan, but it still makes a great “anything”.









Take a design with a Hip roof like the Navajo Peach, if we were to add an additional room peninsula like the Silver Star has for two of its bedrooms. By changing the roof to a shed design, it makes it look more like additions that were added at a later date. This gives a home even more character and history in my opinion.

Hopefully, this tiny little house rendering inspires your imagination for the perfect guesthouse,  granny flat, weekend retreat or your perfect little Cozy Home.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington



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  • “Cozy Cottage House Plans” was some really good info. If it included a lot more pics it would certainly be even more beneficial.
    All the best, ed

  • Thanks for the comment Ed! We try and include a few pictures in each post, but they really slow down the website. The links to Flickr do take you away from Cozy, but this is our warehouse of creativity with almost 2000 3D views of what it would look like to live in a Cozy home.

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