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Murphy Beds for a Small Home

When you think of Murphy beds, what sometimes comes to mind is some comical movie scene where someone gets trapped inside this bed that folds out of a wall. In reality, the Murphy or wall bed can be an ingenious space saving option for a micro, tiny, small or especially a Cozy home. The original Murphy bed has been around since the early 1900s, but has come a long way and modern wall beds offer more high tech options and beautiful details.


Most Murphy beds fold up into the wall and disappear into a closet or cabinet, leaving additional space for a living or entertaining area. These types of beds work great in a studio home or in the Cozy Home Plans like the 288 square foot Thimble Peak or the 288 square foot Granite Mountain. These days, Murphy beds also include more than just the bed, you can have specialized lighting, storage and clothing cabinets and office components. Because of the mechanics and cabinet work included with Murphy beds, they do not have box springs and the mattress usually sits on a platform or cordage. The beds usually run between $1,500-$2,000. Some of the ultra-chic beds can reach $5,000.

Because of their multiple components, Murphy beds do need to be installed on the wall of your home. The cradle is the mechanism that makes the bed fold up easily into a cabinet and will need to be put together with the correct distance from the wall. The DIY Network has a good tutorial on how to install a Murphy bed.

Here are several simple Murphy beds at different price points that could work in a smaller home as either a main bed or even a guest bed:


This Queen size Murphy bed is simple, but still includes a small closet, a side table and some storage drawers. It is currently going for $1,727 on Wayfair.com.


This Hiddenbed by BREDABeds is $1,995 and converts from a desk to a bed without having to remove the desk’s contents. It also includes a side hutch.


With this bed you get a living room and a bedroom all in one cabinet. The Dile sofa bed by Flying Beds provides a stylish seating area and some shelving and a fold down bed inside. The price for this bed is $5,710.

Photo by Andrew Sinclair/Flickr

Cozy Homes as Vacation Rentals

The summer months mean family vacations for many people across the country and many people these days are looking for alternative ways to spend their holidays. To get away from the typical hotel or resort, some people camp during the summer and some people stay in unusual places like river camps, tipis, sheep wagons and even tree houses. Companies like VRBO and Airbnb are making it easier for people to experience these fun and unusual places to stay.


If you have your own tiny, small or Cozy home, you will know about the satisfaction that comes with living and being happier in a smaller space. It would be nice to share that feeling with visitors without having to have them take over your own sacred space. Maybe you could build another tiny house that is just used as a vacation rental? Cozy Home Plans offers several very tiny home plans that are affordable to build and could end up being a good source of income as a short term or long term rental.



The first is the Cozy Cube, which was featured on Tiny House Talk. The Cozy Cube is 196 square feet and two story with an upstairs balcony. This home will probably have to go through a county inspection before it is started, but it offers a private space for several people.



The brand new Limbo Rock is for someone who really wants to challenge themselves with living small and it’s the perfect guest or rental option since it’s only 64 square feet. It has a single bed, a toilet and some great skylights.



The cute Sprinkle Drop looks just like a typical guest house and comes in at just under 200 square feet. It features a great room with a tiny kitchen and a small bathroom with a shower. The kitchen doubles as a food prep area, eating area and small office.



The Thimble Peak is a Cozy Home basic that comes in at 288 square feet and offers a large covered porch and a studio room that includes a kitchen. It also has a full bathroom and an area for a washer and dryer.

Cozy Home Plans has many other tiny house ideas on its Flickr pages. Check them out for your own guest house idea.


By Christina Nellemann for [Cozy Home Plans]

The El Capitan with a Fireplace

One of the first stock small house plans to be offered here at Cozy was the El Capitan; it’s also available in a simple outdoor shed too by the way. The exterior look and style was influenced by a picture of a garden shed that I saw on the internet and immediately thought “how cool is that”. However, the inside is 100% pure Cozy Micro, Little, Tiny or small living at it finest.

At only 307 sq. ft. the El Capitan’s layout never ceases to amaze me on what can be done with it. We now have 4 different configurations for the inside, depending on your needs or wants in a small house. All versions have your basic full-time needs covered with a great place for sleeping, cooking, relaxing, bathroom and laundry facilities.

The original El Capitan is a perfect mixture of Pool & Guest House with bathroom access from both outside and from within.

cozyhomeplans.com 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Pool House" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Pool House” Floor Plan View

cozyhomeplans.com 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan" 3D Outside View

307 sq ft “El Capitan” 3D Outside View










We changed things up a bit by creating the perfect writer’s retreat, that also serves double duty as a private guest house called the “Studio”.

cozyhomeplans.com 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Studio" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Studio” Floor Plan View










This layout shows off my love of cooking and perhaps is Cozy’s smallest and most perfect “Gourmet Kitchen” granny flat to date. This one has two different layouts offering both a Full and ¾ Bath option. Both designs work well in my opinion and it would be tough to have to choose between them. I guess it would boil down to the loss of 12” of closet space.


cozyhomeplans.com 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Gourmet Kitchen" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Gourmet Kitchen” Floor Plan View

cozyhomeplans.com 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Gourmet Kit w FB" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Gourmet Kitchen w Full Bath” Floor Plan View










Last but certainly not least is the “Fireplace” layout, which was just created last night and coming in at #2 just behind the Humble Pie for smallest Cozy Home with a fireplace. This version has just about everything for making it the perfect backyard or full time Casita; I think! :-D

cozyhomeplans.com 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Fireplace" Floor Plan View

307 sq ft “El Capitan Fireplace” 3D Top View

cozyhomeplans.com 307 sq ft Small House "El Capitan Fireplace" Floor Plan View w Grid

307 sq ft “El Capitan Fireplace” Floor Plan View with Grid









My Essentials for the “Fireplace”

The Kitchen has all the basics covered.

Rendered with a Full size Bed but a Queen could still fit in the space.

The Bath has a 48” shower, storage closet and a nice sized vanity.

Storage areas are provided by closets, cabinets and furniture.

The stackable Washer/Dryer fits nicely into the Bath, but if not needed could easily provide an additional closet space or a full sized tub.

Space is my 6thFloor Plan Essential”. This particular layout has seating for 3 with the desk chair making it 4. The backdoor also provides another way of combining in and outdoor living.

The only negative thing I see is…  :cry:    The act of actually eating what you have cooked at a table is somewhat compromised, it could be accomplished at the desk area, flip-up dining table or the old stand-by… TV trays.

This brings up the point that my renderings are precisely that, my vision of what it could be and how the furniture “could” be laid out inside.  Your version could have two recliners with room for a table and no desk at all.

Our design Motto is “Let our signature be yours”, all of these plans are 100% customizable. Let my vision be your inspiration, we can then meld them together and create the perfect Cozy home… just for you.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington



The New & Improved A B See 2 Bedroom Small House Plan

Anyone who looked at the “old version” of the A B See a year ago saw a very plain small house, devoid of any 3D love that most of my designs typically get. This was because it needed something, the layout just felt unfinished. A year later… it got the attention it needed with the addition of 54 sq. ft. This made all the difference and made this a truly Cozy home.

cozyhomeplans.com 592 sq ft Small House "A B See" 3D Top View

592 sq ft Small House “A B See” 3D Top View

cozyhomeplans.com 592 sq ft Small House "A B See" 3D Outside View

592 sq ft Small House “A B See” 3D Outside View









New Features!

Larger and more open Kitchen & Dining area.

It now has access to the backyard like all homes should have.

A door now separates the W/D from the hallway for a cleaner more finished look.

Larger closet in Bedroom #2, for holding more stuff!!! Because stuff is not a four letter word here at Cozy HP.

Adding the one car garage now makes this an ideal paired home choice too.

Including the 6 essentials is quite a bit easier when we have this much square footage to play with. Of course, most people think under 600 sq. ft. make’s a good sized Kitchen & Gathering room but not us! You could fit 3 Cozy Cubes, 2 Thimble Peeks or a Crested Butte and a half in this foot print.


Now my 6 Must Haves; decent Kitchen, room for a larger Bed, Bath that will fit two in a pinch, Storage, Washer & Dryer & Space to move around a bit.

#1 The half Galley & “U” Kitchen has 9 cabinets, plus a pantry with extra room for a built in buffet adding additional counter top space & appliance storage.

#2 Room for a Queen mattress in both bedroom #1 and #2.

#3 The full Bath includes room a standard 5’ tub or 60” shower pan, whichever is preferred.

#4 Lots of big closets for Storage.

#5 The stackable Washer/Dryer centrally located in the hall.

#6 The open Kitchen, Dinning & Gathering room creates a more Spacious feel and a great first impression.


Cozy Home Plans now has 20 different two bedroom small house plans in Flickr to choose from.

I was shocked by this number too! Had no idea that we had so many to choose from now and we will be adding a 20th one next week.

Our #1 goal is to make living the tiny lifestyle a reality for everyone. Offering realistic downsizing choices for singles & couples wanting a Cozy home, plus small families needing 3 or even 4 bedrooms.

It really is all about Living Large, in a Cozy Home.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

Looking for the Perfect Small “2” Bedroom Cabin Retreat

Look no further than this one of a kind layout from Cozy Home Plans. The 432 sq. ft. Firefly’s design creates an amazing 2 bedroom compact cabin, with all the amenities you would typically find in one of our small houses. As a matter of fact, this home would be a perfect full time tiny house for anyone needing a 2nd bedroom or private office.

cozyhomeplans.com 432 sq ft Small House "Firefly" 3D outside View

432 sq ft Small House “Firefly” 3D outside View

cozyhomeplans.com 432 sq ft Small House "Firefly" 3D Top View

432 sq ft Small House “Firefly” 3D Top View








The Firefly’s 8’-6” x 9’ seating area comfortably seats 3 or 4 and has room for a built-in entertainment center too. The large Kitchen and Bathroom makes cooking and getting ready for more than one person really easy. The Bedrooms are a little snug, but with the utilization of built-in storage options and room for a private TV, their perfect for sleeping & relaxing in. We also added an extra door in Bedroom #1 for easy access to your backyard oasis or garden.

The “6 Must Haves” are included in 98% of our small house designs; it’s what sets us apart from other micro & tiny house designers. This one is no exception…

#1 The half Galley & “U” Kitchen has 9 cabinets, plus a pantry with extra room for a built in buffet adding additional counter top space & appliance storage.

#2 The custom storage beds have enough room for a Queen mattress in bedroom #1 and a Twin in #2.

#3 The full Bath includes room a standard 5’ tub or 60” shower pan, whichever is preferred.

#4 Storage areas include the custom beds; linen closet, cabinets, coat closet and bedroom chifferobe’.s

#5 We added room for the optional stackable Washer/Dryer centrally located in the hall or it becomes over 4’ of additional storage without it.

#6 The open Kitchen & Gathering room creates a more Spacious feel and a good first impression.


Cozy HP is all about making unique Micro, Tiny & Small houses completely full-time livable. Even the ones we would consider more of a guest house, weekend retreat or getaway cabin like the Firefly.

We now have 121 sets divided into 14 collections or ascending square footage starting at 64 sq ft. and going up. Flickr has almost 2000 3D renderings of what Living large in a Cozy Home would look like. Proudly offering 1 to 5 bedrooms and 1 to 3 bathrooms, all under 1000 sq. ft. with 76 of them under 500 sq. ft.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

Cozy Small Home Plans are Divided into 14 Collections

One way that we make discovering the perfect Cozy Home so easy is by separating the 120+ sets that are currently in Flickr, into different collections. The “pro” is this narrows your search into more specific categories, eliminating the wasting of time looking at something that won’t work for you. Of course the “con” is that you will be missing out on some of what makes Cozy Home Plans so unique. These 14 different categories break them all of our mini-micro, little tiny & our small cozy homes down by size, bedroom etc…

Some are in more than one collection but this is still your best bet to narrow down the search.

#1 Cozy’s Most Unique currently has 20 sets in it. I wouldn’t necessarily call them my favorites or Greatest Hits! But they certainly won’t disappoint you with their uniqueness.

cozyhomeplans.com 384 sq ft "Tree House" 3D outside View

384 sq ft “Tree House” 3D outside View








#2 Cozy 1 Bed 1 Bath Plans have a separated bedroom behind a wall with 25 to choose from in that one.

#3 Cozy also has 20 different 1 Bedroom Open Plan Designs that are more of a loft type design to keep barriers to a minimum.

#4 Has 19 sets of Cozy 2 Bedroom Plans ranging from 432-980 sq. ft.

#5 Cozy’s 3 Bedroom Plans include 8 choices in that set.

#6 Believe it or not, Cozy also has 6 designs that are 4+ Bedrooms.

cozyhomeplans.com 800 sq ft "Big 5" Shipping Container Floor Plan View

800 sq ft “Big 5″ Shipping Container Floor Plan View








#7 Has 13 sets of two story plans ranging from 240 -781 sq. ft. Oh by the way, one of those is a three story small house called the Beacon Hill. Three guesses why I chose that name?

We also break them down by square footage. This is just in case you have a budget or are working with a minimum or maximum size restriction.

#8 Our micro section of 200 sq. ft. & Under has 16 sets like the Cozy Cube.

#9 Between 201-300 sq. ft. has 18 sets to peruse.

#10 Homes from 301-400 sq. ft. has 19 sets.

#11 Small Cozy homes between 401-500 sq. ft. has a plethora of 22 to choose from like the Sawtooth Mountain.

#12 “Bigger” small Homes from 501-600 sq. ft. currently has 11 sets like the Glen Ivy.

#13 If 601- 700 sq. ft. is your target, we have 16 in that one.

We save the biggest for Last…

#14 Cozy Home Plans over 701 sq. ft. has 17 different sets as of now and all under 1000 sq. ft.

cozyhomeplans.com 781 sq ft Small House "High Point" 3D Outside View

781 sq ft Small House “High Point” 3D Outside View










These numbers are constantly changing due to adding new plans, deleting ones that show minimal interest and my constant desire to modify them as new ideas spark changes in the layout. I don’t mind changing them; it’s all about making them Cozier while becoming even more functional.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

The Grand Three-ton “BIG” Cozy Home

This so far it’s our largest floor plan, but after checking it out… we think you will still give it the Cozy seal of approval though. The Grand Three-ton is the new big brother of our Stock plan Grand Teton. This home is an amazing combination of owner comfort with privacy, plus generous open spaces for the family getting together. All this in 1000 sq. ft. and we even put another first into this one, a two car garage!

The open and spacious main area includes the Gathering with fireplace, Dining and Kitchen with breakfast bar. If you enjoy cooking, this Kitchen has room for 4 burner cooktop and a double oven set-up with plenty of room for two. The main Bedroom is still separated, but this time we add an additional sink area next to Bathroom #2 so everyone can get ready at the same time. This is a Cozy version of the Jack & Jill bath. Bedroom #2 & #3 are both configured to accommodate a desk are and provide plenty of storage nooks. Bedroom #1 is all about luxury with its own desk area too. It includes a private bath with over-sized shower, hers and ours closets; “any married man will understand that one”… plus separate access to the backyard. We’ve rendered it with a semi-private hot-tub area to show one possibility for this space.

cozyhomeplans.com 1000 sq ft Small House "Grand Three-ton" 3D Front View

1000 sq ft Small House “Grand Three-ton” 3D Front View

cozyhomeplans.com 1000 sq ft Small House "Grand Three-ton" Floor Plan View

1000 sq ft “Grand Three-ton” Floor Plan View









Our “6 Must Haves” make this home perfect for any small family.

#1 This gourmet Galley Kitchen would make the “inner chef” in all of us thrilled. It includes 13 cabinets; large pantry, space for an over-sized fridge, four burners and two ovens, not to mention being an eat-in one too.

#2 Enough room for a King Size mattress in Bedroom #1 and a Twins in Bedroom #2 & 3.

#3 The home includes one full Bath, large 3/4 and an additional sink.

#4 Storage areas include the coat; Bedroom closets, linen, washer/dryer area, plus a double garage too!

#5 Space for a Washer/Dryer in the hall can accommodate a full sized set.

#6 This Cozy home has some great Spaces…

Gathering room with vaulted ceiling and FP.

Corner nook just perfect for a china hutch.

Rear and Side patios for BBQing and entertaining.

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a small house, we may have it here at Cozy Home Plans. Offering 121 choices for vacation getaways; country retreats, hunting lodges, rustic log cabins to full time cottage homes for single, couples and small families. This is just one of 8 sets in Flickr that have three bedrooms to choose from.

It’s all about Living Large in a Cozy Home! Even if there is more than one of you.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

The Two Story Small House Floor Plan “Sand Castle”

While recently perusing some of my older floor plans in Flickr, I discovered a slight oversight in one. The 560 sq ft Sand Castle was missing #5 on my must haves list. The washer/dryer was not included for some unknown reason. My first reaction was to place it by the bedroom for convenience but remembering a recent post about offering more side by side choices, I decided to place them in the downstairs ½ bath.

Doing a “virtual” remodel with a few clicks of the mouse in plan-3D “my favorite program” & viola! It’s now complete and ready for all the world to critique. I wish real remodeling was so easy, didn’t even need one Band-Aid or ibuprofen, which I have affectionately named “move free” for this entire project.

cozyhomeplans.com 560 sq ft Small House "Sand Castle" 3D Outside View

560 sq ft Small House “Sand Castle” 3D Outside View

cozyhomeplans.com 560 sq ft Small House "Sand Castle" 3D Backside View

560 sq ft Small House “Sand Castle” 3D Back Porch View









The “6 Must Haves” should explain how unique and comfortable this Cozy home design would be to live in either full or part-time.

#1 This very open “Lshaped Galley Kitchen is truly gourmet. It includes 12 cabinets, space for a dishwasher and room for not one but three storage pantry cabinets and lots of countertop area for food prep.

#2 The bedroom has room for a Queen Size mattress with access from both sides, ¾ bath, home office desk are, ample storage for two and a private romantic balcony just perfect for late night stargazing.

#3 The first floor as a ½ Bath and upstairs has a ¾. Adding a standard 5’ tub would not be any trouble so please feel free to contact us if this plan would be even better with one.

#4 Storage areas are primarily in the Kitchen and Bedroom.

#5 Room for the Washer/Dryer is now in the downstairs powder room making moving them in and setting them up much easier than upstairs.

#6 The first floor Space is all about combining comfort and a great layout. With a door off the Kitchen, plus and a sliding French door in the Gathering room, your just steps away from the backyard for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors.

CHP is all about Living Large in a Cozy Home!

Our goal at Cozy Home Plans is to offer the most choices for simple vacation getaways; tiny houses, writer’s retreats, rustic hunting lodges, small country villas, micro studios or the perfect full time cottage… and all under 1000 sq. ft.


This plan also has a similar single story version called the Story Brooke that’s 416 sq ft if you’re not a big stair fan.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

4 Types of Floor Plan Designs

Cozy Home Plans tries to cover multiple areas of the housing markets with our floor plans and concepts.

Multi-family & Plexus

We’re always trying to anticipate the “square foot minimums” issue by offering multi-plex designs that can be joined together by a common wall or a garage.

Our Mittens, Inspiration Point & Natural Rhythm would be ideal paired homes.

We have also created a series of unique smaller designs that can be connected side by side. By combining the Ricochet, Cashmere, Cloudburst and several others together, you can get more of a town-house row feel because they only have windows in the front and back.

Backyard Casitas & income properties

We have 25 one bedroom options that make great mother-in-law or granny flats. This size home is also a perfect backyard rental house providing additional income.

We also offer 34 designs under 300 sq. ft. that would also make for ideal rental cabins. The Firefly is a real Cozy two bedroom cabin that would make a great… just about anything!

cozyhomeplans.com 200 sq ft small house floor plan "Catalina" 3D Outside View

200 sq ft small house floor plan “Catalina” 3D Outside View








Communal living as a housing option

Our eyes were recently opened to the Dancing Rabbit with our latest sale of a Cozy Cube. Definitely think it’s a perfect fit for that type of environment.

We have a few designs now that certainly reflect a more shared living arrangement under a single roof.

Checks out the Echo Canyon, Dorm & the Big 5 shipping container design if this type of floor plan interest you.

Downsizing into a Cozier sized home.

All of our floor plans are under 1000 sq. ft. and we offer 1-4 bedroom options.

Cozy #1 goal is combining the basic fundamentals for living with a nice Kitchen; larger Bed area, ample Storage, Bath, Washer/Dryer and all with Space to move around in… throw in a dash of luxury… mix it all together and we give you something like the Crested Butte, ADA compliant Regal Mountain and over 100 more in Flickr to choose from.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

I Don’t Want a Stackable Washer & Dryer in My Small Home

Here at Cozy, we recently received a great email praising our floor plans and concepts proclaiming, “Somebody finally got it, a small home is NOT 1500 sq. ft.”

Not being my first rodeo, I waited for the shoe to drop… It did!

She continued by making the observation about my “almost” exclusive use of a stackable Washer & Dryers in all the designs was questionable. “Why didn’t I use more traditional side by side ones more often?”

I gladly thanked her for the email and gave her my reasoning behind this. Micro, Tiny and Cozy houses are all under 1000 sq ft and most under 500 sq ft, so compromises definitely need to be made. During the design process when the layout of a new cozy home is coming together, something that can be accomplished in 9 instead of 18 sq. ft. just makes sense to me. It’s that simple…

The W/D is #5 on the “6 Essentials” list. Having spent several years without one, I became very appreciative of having one close by. It wasn’t necessarily about the in-convenience and additional expense of the Laundromat, it was more of a time thing. I just felt for me, those hours could be better spent doing something else.

It’s impossible to please all the people, even most of the time… We love to try though, especially when these exchanges spark a new design.

cozyhomeplans.com 452 sq ft Small House "Dew Drop's" Floor Plan View

452 sq ft Small House “Dew Drop’s” Floor Plan View









The Dew Drop’s small house floor plan concept was inspired by this exchange and we introduced it in Flickr last week for the world to contemplate. A blog post is coming soon talking about all it’s great attributes and the use of a standard washer & dryer.

Cozy Home Plans is all about Living Large in a Cozy Home, regardless of your taste in W/D‘s

Thanks for your all your ideas and input, it really does help us create the most completely functional small houses for everyone to enjoy. Contact us anytime!

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

In the interest of “full disclosure” though, I currently have a Fisher Paykel regular washer and dryer in storage in Colorado. Their by far the best W/D I have ever used and they do an amazing job of cleaning clothes. Definitely by the extended warranty though but that’s another story. Currently, they do not offer a stackable unit so this will obviously dictate my own future tiny house if I want to keep them.


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