Build a Wall Niche for Extra Storage

Niche, alcove, recess, cubby. They go by different names, but they are useful for one thing: extra storage and additional design for your Cozy home. Installing a wall or shower niche is a simple project that any homeowner can do, and the best thing is that you can install or build them directly into the framing of an existing wall.

Any 2×4 framed home will have space in-between each of the studs where you can build in a small niche or cubby to hold shelving or a ledge for collectibles, a photo or painting or a vase with flowers. You can also install lighting in your niche. As long as there is no closet behind the area where you want the niche, you can strip any existing drywall, fir out the area between the studs and then install additional drywall in the niche. Recessed LED lights or puck lights with a standard 120 volt outlet can be placed into the niche to light up your items and throw extra light into a room or hallway.

Some hardware stores sell decorative wall niches that can be installed directly into a hole in your wall frame. These pre-made niches come in many different designs to match your house style and decor. You will just need to cut the hole in your drywall to match the niche. This Old House has a good tutorial on how to install a decorative wall niche.


Photos courtesy of Cozy Home Plans, No-Curb and This Old House

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