ADA Guidelines for Tiny Homes

One of the complaints of most tiny homes is that many of them are not adequate for homeowners who are disabled. Most wheelchairs and other mobility assistive devices can not fit or maneuver around in most tiny homes on wheels or small homes on foundations.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA compliant home plans are plans that include features that make it more user-friendly for people who are disabled. However, making a home ADA compliant does not make the home just strictly for someone who is disabled, a home with ADA compliant features can also be used for the non-disabled. These features can also translate over to an elderly homeowner or someone who is building a home for retirement living or future medical challenges.

These designs are usually one-story and incorporate details such as no-step entries, wheelchair ramps, wider doorways and hallways, open floor plans and lower door handles, windows and light switches. Bathrooms can contain handrails, walk-in showers and baths, touchless bathroom faucets, and toilet safety seats.

Cozy Home Plans offers the first of several ADA compliant designs in the Cozy line. The 640 square foot Regal Mountain small house plan includes a 6×12 foot covered porch with a side light, an open and spacious living area and kitchen and a coat closet in the living room. The wide hallways contain large doors, a side by side washer and dryer and an ADA compliant bathroom. The master bedroom has a king sized bed. The inside continues into the outside with two doors that lead to a private oasis patio.


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4 Responses to ADA Guidelines for Tiny Homes

  • It’s promising to see something so efficient, ADA and inviting.

  • Thanks Glenda! We here at Cozy are quite proud of the Regal mountain. It is very similar to the non compliant Mount Kiska, just in case you want to check that one out. We have some more plans in the stack right now and we would be happy to modify any cozy plan making it ADA compliant. Take care!

  • So glad to see this! I think small modifications could make this plan a possibility for our family (need one more bedroom). This is the first small house plan I have found that has a bathroom that is large enough to accommodate a roll in shower.

    The only suggestion I have for this plan is to either make standard or recommend, a pocket door for the bathroom. That one small change would make a big difference for those who are confined to a wheelchair. Especially if a caregiver has to be in there also.

  • Thanks Dee! That is a good suggestion on the pocket door. I’m sure a builder could make that change during the construction process for their client. I have installed pocket doors myself, so I know what challenges they come with. Personally I try and limit their use as much as possible but they are necessary at times. We now have 57 concepts in Flickr with several being 2 bedrooms. Please check those out and feel free to critique away. Any cozy home can be modified with ADA specifications; we are quite proud of this stock plan and actually have a few more compliant ones in the stack just waiting.

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