The Cozy Steel 1/1-3/4 720 sq. ft. Small House Floor Plan Concept

I have been in Texas and Oklahoma working in and on steel structures for the last few years. These experiences have given me a completely new appreciation for this particular construction technique. Once thought “by me” to be only a commercial product, my research and experience has shown me that building with steel can be both tough and elegant. The utilization of trim and different colors plus adding a few materials such as stone to the façade can give you a beautiful one of a kind structure. A home that is cost effective, durable and perhaps more importantly… Green.

Did I mention termite resistant too?

The Cozy Steel floor plans and duplex’s all came from a single core structure that’s 30’Wide x 24’Long and 10’High. This 720 sq. footprint has so far yielded 4 duplex concepts and 1, 2, & 3 bedroom plans… plus a whole stack of sketches just waiting for some time to be spent on them.

Today it’s all about the one bedroom version.

“Cozy Steel” 1/1-3/4″ Front View

“Cozy Steel” 1/1-3/4″ Floor Plan View










This floor plan covers the basics for a single person or couple perfectly. A comfortable Gathering area; separate Dining room and gourmet Kitchen, a ¾ Bath with access to the outside, a spacious Bedroom with its own private bath, large corner tub and not one but two walk in closets. This home provides luxury and convenience with zero wasted space, all in less than 750 sq. ft.

My 6 Essentials included in every Cozy Home Plan are Kitchen, Bath, Bed, Storage, Laundry & Space.

#1 This “U” Kitchen has a great work triangle, 13 cabinets including an additional LARGE double pantry cabinet.

#2 Enough room for a Queen or King Size bed.

#3 This 3/4 Bath has a large 5’ shower pan and the private full Bath has the soaking garden tub.

#4 Multiple Storage areas include the coat closet, W/D area, Kitchen cabinets & pantry, Dressers and  “two” W.I.C. Bedroom closets.

#5 Room for the combo stackable W/D in the Kitchen.

#6 Extra Spaces for friends & family makes this home perfect for entertaining in or simply a cozy private living retreat.

Cozy Home Plans now offers you 79 sets in Flickr with tons of options for simple vacation getaways; writers retreats, elegant guest houses, casitas, cabins, granny flats, weekend chalets, hunting lodges, country villas, studios or the perfect full time small cottage home.

It’s all about living Large in a Cozy Home and providing choices that you won’t find anywhere else.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

4 Responses to The Cozy Steel 1/1-3/4 720 sq. ft. Small House Floor Plan Concept

  • I really like this plan. Not sure about the pool though?

  • Pools, hot tubs, back porches or anything else that I put in my plans and concepts are always optional. I guess my thought behind the “pool” was to show that with this homes efficiency and size, there could be money for other things that one enjoys, like a pool.

  • I like this floor plan. How much would this size of house cost?

  • Hey Daniel! This layout was conceived from my experiences dealing with Texas weather and working on a ranch. It offers quick access to a bath after working hard and getting dirty, but with all the Cozy luxuries of living in a small home. Answering your question is a tough one. With my construction experience and being in an area “not” encumbered by building codes, $50-60 per sq. ft. is attainable utilizing all stock amenities. This of course supposes that you have the time and land to build it on in the first place. A contractor built version of this would be roughly $100-130 per foot, depending on the interior finishes and location. Here is a check list for things that need to be considered when building a new home. This particular floor plan is still on the to-do list. Let me know if you want it moved to the top of the stack. Thanks for the comment!

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