7 New Home Questions

Planning on building a Small/Cozy/Tiny house? Here are 7 questions to ask first and then check out our new home check list for other inspiring questions.

#1  Have I done all my basic research?

Asking questions and doing all your fact-finding first is actually the best foundation to build upon. Get all your questions answered first… People will need solid information from you so that they can provide you with answers, financial numbers and time frames for the completion of each task. Don’t forget about the Federal, State and local municipalities too… BIG Brother always has questions.

#2  Do I have all my “needs” covered?

Adequate storage; bedrooms and bathrooms for a growing family, garage etc… How long do I actually plan to live in the home?

#3  What kind of “wants” can I have?

Hopefully you have been working on a scrap book chocked full of pictures of stuff that you love; furniture, tile, wood, colors, lighting fixtures, granite and other decorator touches. These I would consider wants because they are specific to your taste.

#4  What financial strategy do I have for taking care of both my needs and wants?

If its new construction, will you need a separate type of loan? First see what Banks and mortgage lenders require. Will having land affect anything?  What are my taxes, closing cost and insurance? Also being pre-qualified for a mortgage not only tells you exactly what you can afford to spend but places you in a better negotiating position.

#5  Is quality and longevity important?

A dishwasher can run between $200.00 and $2,000.00. Both will probably wash dishes; but which one do you want and for what reasons? Just about everything in a home can run this “large” gamut in price, so be prepared and do your research. Knowing your budget in advance will help guide you in the right direction, especially when a sales person “on commission” may be pushing you in another.

#6  What home maintenance will be required?

Maintenance will greatly depend on what materials you choose to construct the home. Brick or siding? Wood versus vinyl windows? Shingles versus steel roofing? Etc… When evaluating materials for your home, think material longevity rather than initial cost sometimes helps justify the price.

#7  Will you or your family’s needs change in the future?

Some things are impossible to predict, but may potentially happen like ailing parents and kids moving out or back in? Becoming disabled or just having mobility impaired. Considering these things and planning in advance if at all possible. This could definitely aid in avoiding costly changes down the road.

These are just some thoughts from Cozy Home Plans to think about when one is considering building a new home.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

2 Responses to 7 New Home Questions

  • That’s a good list on wants versus needs. Helps put thing in perspective.

  • Thanks SD! Hope you check out the other check list too. It is certainly “NOT” a complete list but makes for a great head start on your own future Cozy Home project.

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