6 Tips for Planning a Great Cozy Kitchen

The number one on our “6 Must Haves” list is a fully functioning Kitchen. Not “only” because I enjoy cooking so much, it’s also about a few other things too. Like Economics, cooking at home is simply cheaper than eating out. Being healthy, you can better control what goes into your body by preparing meals yourself. If you happen to be sharing your home with others, a great Kitchen allows for Connections with your loved ones.

Andrew Odom over at tinyrevolution taught me a new word “passivity” a few months back when he made very this profound statement.

“The cool thing about small spaces is it literally forces us to “brush up” against each other and forces interactions. There’s literally is no room for passivity.”

Passivity, BAD    Connections, GOOD! 

cozyhomeplans.com 975 sq ft Small House Floor Plan "Gypsy Rose" 3D Kitchen View

975 sq ft “Gypsy Rose” 3D Kitchen View

cozyhomeplans.com 648 sq ft Small House Floor Plan "Galley Haven" 3D Kitchen View

648 sq ft “Galley Haven” 3D Kitchen View










Finally, the Tips!

#1 Use lazy Susan’s or corner base cabinets as often as possible because they provide easily accessible corner storage and ample countertop space above.

#2 Take complete advantage of the ceiling height by using taller 36” or 42” uppers to provide additional storage space in a smaller kitchen. There more expensive, but well worth it in a small Kitchen.

#3 If space allows, consider adding a “portable” island to free up counter space. This adds additional storage and another food prep work surface.

#4 Always plan for utilizing a wall mounted microwave. This frees up to counter top area for additional tasks. We always use a full size one in our designs, even if the stove is smaller. The trick is to keep them out of a direct line of sight because the symmetry is now off.

#5 Add accent lighting or a skylight to brighten up a smaller kitchen and don’t forget to choose the right paint color!

#6 During the design process consider, eliminating the separate Dining room and include that square footage in the Kitchen. Combining an “Eat-In” or “Breakfast Bar” to a small house kitchen layout just makes sense. The single space will inevitably be larger by doing this.

People always seem to gravitate to the Kitchen for some unknown reason, a good layout make yours both Cozy and Functional for many years to come.

Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington


2 Responses to 6 Tips for Planning a Great Cozy Kitchen

  • These are definitely great tips. I did the island and corner cabinets and love them!

  • Thanks for the comment Jessie! Islands are awesome if you have the room but my cozy kitchens tend to be a bit too small for them though. Kitchen design is one of my favorite parts of creating the perfect cozy home layout by the way. We did a post on installing them too if you’re interested.

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