5 Kitchen shapes for your Small House

Choosing to downsize into a Tiny or Small Cozy home doesn’t mean making sacrifices in cooking department. Kitchens are #1 on the “ 6 Essentials” list, so creating completely functional ones is a high priority for me. A good Kitchen layout has a working triangle that places the sink, stove and fridge in a configuration that makes for more efficient cooking. Of course, any Kitchen layout will first be dictated by the size & shape of the room it’s intended for, but we always try and make them as organized and functional as possible.

cozyhomeplans.com 3D Top View 5 Kitchen Shapes

cozyhomeplans.com 3D Top View 5 Kitchen Shapes

cozyhomeplans.com Floor Plan View 5 Kitchen Shapes

cozyhomeplans.com Floor Plan View 5 Kitchen Shapes









Almost all Kitchen configurations can be broken down into 5 categories.

#1 The Galley, Parallel or Corridor Kitchen design has a single path down the middle with cabinets and appliances on both sides. Their perfect for small areas, but typically can handle only one person at a time during cooking.

#2 The “L” Kitchen also has two walls of cabinetry, but they form an “L” shape instead. This is a natural “work triangle” shape and thus allows more easily for multiple persons cooking at a time.

cozyhomeplans.com 505 sq ft Small House Floor Plan "Mount Kiska" 3D Kitchen View

Mount Kiska 3D “L” Kitchen View










#3 The “U” shaped Kitchen utilizes three walls and offers many advantages like; more storage cabinets, multiple work areas and additional room for food prep is available because of the countertop shape. With enough central space, this type of kitchen can also accommodate an island.

#4 The “G” shape kitchen is similar to the “U” but offers an additional peninsula. This is typically used for less formal seating often called a breakfast bar.

cozyhomeplans.com 624 sq ft Small House Floor Plan "Galley Haven" 3D View of "G" Kitchen

“Galley Haven” 3D View of Eat-In “G” Kitchen










#5 The Single Galley, Line/Wall or One Way Kitchen is a perfect choice for our Micro, Tiny and Small house Kitchens because everything is against one wall in one location.

Our biggest Kitchens are the Grand Three-ton, Concerto and Gypsy Rose. All of these homes are close to 1000 sq. ft.

The surprisingly large Kitchens… as relative to their overall square footage goes to the Galley Haven and Oasis in the 5-600 sq. ft. range.

The smallest “real” Kitchen is in the 196 sq. ft. Cozy Cube. To be “real” in my opinion, it needs to have a Stove… even if it’s only a 20” wide one. The Tenderfoot at 144 sq. ft. would be a close second if you decided to put a stove in the space instead of the cooktop and cabinets.

Cozy Home Plans has 116 Micro, Tiny and small house kitchens to choose from now. If you’re a chef, or just a person that only needs a microwave, we have you covered.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington

4 Responses to 5 Kitchen shapes for your Small House

  • Five??? Gosh, now I can’t decide. I love all of them. Give me an idea of which one to go with. No, but seriously, I am trying to decide which one I like the most. :-D

  • Thanks Sasha! Of course there will be variations on these but this covers the 5 basic shapes. My favorite is the “G” shape, it gives you the most of everything in a Kitchen and lots of storage. We have other helpful post on kitchens too like hanging cabinets too!

  • This is great! I often wondered what the names of these kitchen shapes were. My favorite is the G too.

  • Thanks Joyce! Each kitchen can be a combination of these shapes or a slight variation based on the floor plan layout. We try and make all of our Cozy kitchens as functional as possible, regardless of their shape.

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