What exactly is a Micro home anyway?

Is it only the square the footage or lack thereof? How about all the missing amenities that typically “don’t” come with these size houses? You know… tons of closet space, full kitchen, bath tub, King size Bed and room for having a BIG Super bowl party in etc… We consider anything under 200 sq ft to be Micro, 2-300 to be Tiny and 400+ are Small houses. We now have 48 choices under 500 sq ft to choose from and more coming soon.

64 sq ft Micro House “Limbo Rock” Outside View










In a recent Flickr comment I said…

400 sq. ft. can have all the conveniences that 900 does, if you’re willing to make a few minor compromises. It’s definitely function before form with tiny houses and small homes.

However, lack of function doesn’t necessarily mean simplistic, sparse and boring though. We create designs here at Cozy Home Plans that are completely livable for both full or part time needs, but with character and uniqueness.

We set the bar pretty high here by including the 6 Must Haves. These 6 were all based on my own experience of living the lifestyle and what worked and what didn’t for me. Even in Cozy’s 12 current designs at or under 200 sq. ft.; we try and include them all to one degree or another.

Our B & B Box at 112 sq. ft.? Definitely mini micro!

The Gingerbread at 144 sq. ft.? Oh yea!

Our little 200 sq. ft. Catalina? Micro luxury at its finest.

The latest micro house plan were calling the “Hideout” is a massive 160 sq. ft. design that actually has some really cool features.

cozyhomeplans.com 160 sq ft micro house floor plan "Hideout" Outside View

The 160 sq ft micro house floor plan “Hideout” Outside View











Some questions you may be asking about it.

#1 Does it have a Kitchen?

How about 8 cabinets, full size convection microwave, mini fridge and two burner cooktop.

#2 Is the bed in the loft?

Nope, it’s placed in the corner sitting on top of a custom built storage system and is large enough to accommodate a Queen Size mattress.

#3 What size bath?

A cozy but functional ¾ included in a single room with a 36” shower basin, pedestal sink and toilet with storage above.

#4 Any Storage areas in this thing?

Definitely places for putting your extra stuff in. How about a 24” deep chifforobe, 12” x 30” cabinet in the hall, under the bed and a bath cabinet

#5 A Washer/Dryer combo or the all-in-one?

Nope, sorry but you could probably easily squeeze an all-in-one in the chifforobe’s space without sacrificing too much storage.

#6 Any Space for friends, family and entertaining?

Well, that’s a tough one… probably not much, but I could see a small fish tank or some plants to keep you company.

Cozy Home Plans now has 108 sets of tiny houses in Flickr for singles and little houses for couples and small families. Great choices for simple vacation getaways; writers retreats, Cottages, hunting lodges, country villas, studios or the perfect full time home.


Cozy,  Kevin B Harrington


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  • Ok, that is amazing. Who knew you could build such a small home with all of this. Am definitely bookmarking your blog and sharing it with my friends.

  • Thanks Davy! Please do, we try and post new stuff about tiny houses and our cozy homes 2-3 times a week.

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